12 May – Mixed Berry Shake – 9a EZT

Our next monthly hangout is Monday 12 May. Click the read more tag for agenda & full details!

Dear “Original Blueberries”: Michael, Christa, Molly, Rebecca L. ‘n Katrina
“New Improved Mixed Berry Shake” berries: Kate, Rebecca N., Ciara ‘n Hugh,

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Looking forward to seeing many of you in a week on our Doce de Mayo Google Hangout.

Monday 12 May
9-10am California Time
Noon-1pm New York
18:00 – 19:00 CEST

Our “facilitator” this month is Rebecca L (give a shout if you won’t make it, RL!)

We can think through whatever issues Rebecca & anyone else would like, but here’s 3 things to put on our agenda:

1. Online Collaboration

Ciara will be posting soon a nice piece on .Re/act about the nature of collaboration & interaction on .Re/act. I don’t want to steal too much from her post, but she makes a really interesting point that so much of “Art” online is “Here’s my stuff. Want to buy something? Or give me a grant? Or join my Kickstarter?” And that real online interaction / collaboration, as found in PBR MOOC & .Re/act, is far less common. I’m so inspired by interaction & collaboration like Gertrude Stein’s Salon or Andy Warhol’s Factory, and am excited to find ways to tap into those energies through cyberspace.

2. Computer Love & Hacking the TImeline v3.0

Michael’s got a great new post up on .Re/search:

He’s got a nice article and also he’s embedded a video of Andrea Foenander’s recent talk at EZTV. If you have a chance you might Read / Watch, but even if you don’t, Michael & Kate might introduce the topic for us and put out a few questions for group discussion.

3. Funding Art

Rebecca N.’s heading off to an exciting Dance Intensive at Berlin Dance Center and would love some helpful brainstorming on creative ways to fund it. Any specific tips we can give her would be great, and last month we also started to think a bit about funding re the LACMA Art & Technology Grants. We might try to help Rebecca a bit, and also think about this endlessly pressing question in a wider context also.

Hello all I haven’t been extremely present on…

This email is also a post on .Re/act. You can “reply all” in email if you like… or take the conversation over to .Re/act:

See you in a week!

— Van

I’ve always loved that Ray Davies song Celluloid Heroes:

if you stamped on Mickey Rooney
He would still turn round and smile,
But please don’t tread on dearest Marilyn
‘Cos she’s not very tough,
She should have been made of iron or steel,
But she was only made of flesh and blood.

I mention this because Edie Sedgwick’s been hanging around the last couple of weeks. I’ve come to think that she was more fragile than Marilyn. Or perhaps that Marilyn was actually stronger than the popular myth of her. Anyway, Edie seems a bit like a Mylar Balloon, and I think it’d be lovely if anyone would like to drop by and say hello: