Hugh’s SL Visit

avatars in a sandbox twisting prims

Makin stuff in SL Sandbox with Hugh

Hugh came to visit today. We made some stuff in a sandbox and looked at some art installations. It went pretty well but after a while he had some sort of graphics lag or freeze.

Hugh, here’s some thoughts on that:

Relogging OFTEN helps all kinds of things… but perhaps not in your case! 🙁

One setting that matters A LOT is Graphics Quality in General and Draw Distance particularly. HQ graphics is VERY demanding on your GPU! A sim that’s killing you can become easy when you slide down your GQ. Similarly, a high Draw Distance is great for photography because you have so much background detail. But it can make walking feel like molasses. If you go:

* Ctrl-P for Preferences
* Click the Graphics Tab
* Slide all the way down to LOW
* then “Apply,” then “OK”

Try that for a while… and if it’s good… then you can move to slightly higher quality, but depth of field and shadows and all that fancy stuff isn’t worth much if you have a laggy, crappy experience!