Instructions for Performance Friday 15 November 2013 GMT

Hello band!

Great rehearsal today. Exciting to see you all in one place!

So instructions for Friday:

6,30pm GMT check in with performers (10:30am SLT) GMT (aprox) (Noon SLT) Performance. I’ll confirm exact time tomorrow evening when i meet the other artists performing.

In chat I will ask that you are all there. If one of you could confirm that makes it simple. When I say ENTER count 30 seconds then walk on and take position at your instruments, warm up, tune in etc for 30 seconds, then start playing in unison. The song lasts 2.37 seconds. If you can time this as close as possible that would be the best.

After that all come to the front of the stage, show your ONO OKOY leotards and clap/dance etc!

I will include a scrolling credits at the end, thanking each of you.

And that’s Show Business!  🙂

See you Friday.