## It’s About the Box As Christa can…

It’s About the Box!

As Christa can testify, I’ve been thinking about the wonder and compelling nature of things like Cornell Boxes. And the amazing, immersive bookfulness of books. And records, amazing records like Camille’s Le Fil or The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper.

The web is an amazing place simply erupting with serendipity. But we surf so much and so fast it can become a blur.

What’s cool about a Cornell Box or a great book or a brilliant vinyl record is that it’s a rich world in a specific place. It may be unbounded in its depth, but it is physically and perhaps temporally bounded enough to take on the properties of a Place. A place of experience.

Boxes can do this. And perhaps WebSITES can do this.

Pages vs Streams

The early web had “pages.” Today when we look at Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or anything else, there are no “pages”, there are “streams.”

Streams and News “Feeds” are useful to get through mountains of information quickly, but they don’t establish placefulness or unique relationships. SnapChat is a lot more bounded and page like than your Instagram stream.