It’s Funny How Little Things Change

I was chatting with my brother John, the brewer, about the Great Famine and how we might help those who have fled the country when it struck us the title ‘Great Famine’ obscures history. Only 100 years ago Ireland had another famine in 1740-41 when just as many and by some accounts more people died. In truth this should be the ‘Second Great Famine’. Although I don’t know what’s so great about 1 million people dead and another 1 million leaving the country. But there is a significant difference between the 18C famine and ours. The previous famine is attributed to the last rage of the mini ice age (~1400-1800) while this one is entirely due to the failure of our Lords and Masters. The Queen gave us a paltry £2,000. In your 2014 money that would be £61,000. That is 6p per soul that fell victim to disease and hunger. Clearly our lives are valueless to the British and we will have to take matters into our own hands. John is becoming increasingly agitated I am afraid he will do something rash.

As I say History obscures itself and it also repeats its self. The famine of 1740 due to climatic conditions should serve as a warning as to the consequences of your climate changes. Also the economic and social collapse due to the famine of 1845-52 has echoes with the current economic failure precipitated by the banks. Now, as then, it is the less well off who suffer disproportionately. At the height of your recent collapse 50,000 people per annum were leaving Ireland. You are losing 1% of your citizens year on year to the failure of neo-liberal deregulation. This is not why the United Irish Men and the Irish Republican Brotherhood fought for your emancipation and independence just so you could substitute colonial domination for corporate subjugation.

That rant has made my blood rise. I’m off for a pint of Sweetman’s Superior Leinster Ale. I’ll put it down to spillage and deduct it as a business expense. The less tax we export to the British the better. This evening I’m off to visit a medium she’s a friend of William Mumler so she’s bound to be good. Hopefully she’ll tell me what the future has in store and I’ll be in touch.

beer sweetman