Stop Me B4 I MOOC Again!

Hi Guys, I’ve somehow enlisted myself in 2 MOOCs starting in September.

vintage black-and-white photo of Allan Kaprow teaching

From Stanford:
OpenKnowledge Changing the global course of learning
2 Sep – 12 Dec 2014

From CalArts / Coursera:
Creating Site-Specific Dance and Performance Works
29 Sep – 14 Nov 2014

Yes, Site Dance is back. This round they’ve invited me to be a “Community TA,” and it looks like we’ll be agreeing to make MOOC Magazine a part of the course.

PBR was nice in that WE got to create a community. The length, structure, groups, projects, all facilitated this far better than any other MOOC I’ve ever taken. Even the faculty’s strange distance from their own course, in a way, facilitated our group cohesiveness.

Nonetheless, I’ve come to appreciate the swift: dive in, focus powerfully, finish!of 5 week courses like Warhol MOOC or the original Site Dance. This Site Dance has grown by a week, and Open Knowledge is a whopping 13 weeks.

Even so (can you do a nonetheless followed by an even so?) there isn’t anything I find more important than Open Knowledge, so I’m looking forward to it.

Please come sample if either of these is of interest!