Photo Lighting Workshop w Fanny on Saturday!

Photo 66 – Virtual Lighting

Beside your interest there are some requirements:

  • your graphics card should be able to run Advanced Lighting Mode;
  • you should be using Firestorm for viewer;
  • you should know how to take a snapshot;
  • you should know how to create a prim;

Still there?

Ok 🙂

The very most of us take photos and, no matter if real or virtual, photography is always about light. So this is what this class is going to be about as well: The different light sources existing in Second Life, how and when to use, and, maybe most interesting at all, how to build them ourselves.

Date and time: Saturday, 14th March, 10:00 – 12:00 am SLT
Place: My studio at MU, Nostradamus 20