Talk Tips

annotated screen cam of Medici University Talk using the Houston theme for WordPress discussions

Hi guys! Here’s a few tips for things you can do here on MU/Talk:

  1. If you click on the Author Name you’ll get a listing of all the posts on MU/T by that author.

  2. If you click on a Commenter Name, you’ll go to their website. In this case note that Paypabak’s name is a link, but Pearl & Neeva are not. This is because Paypabak put her URL in her “Profile” on MUT, but Pearl & Neeva haven’t yet.

  3. If you do edit your MUT Profile, in addition to a link to your website (or flickr, etc) if you put something in the bio box, it’ll appear in your About the Author. This doesn’t show on the home page since it’s got lots of authors, but does if someone follows a link to your post. Or if you click “Read More.”

  4. If you click a Tag you’ll get a listing of all the posts by anyone that use that tag. If there’s only 1 post with that tag, it won’t be a blue link since you’re already looking at “all” the posts! But as soon as you or anyone else uses that tag for a 2nd time, it’ll be a link.

  5. Even though your URL & Bio are taken from your MUT Profile, just to keep things confusing, your photo is not! 😛 This “gravatar” image comes from the Gravatar website. Whatever image you paste there will be used on MUT (as long as you use the same email at both places).

Want to know about anything else? LMK!