ART + TECHNOLOGY LAB Hey all I just…

Hey all! I just discovered an exciting new project, and request for artist proposals, at Michael’s neighbor LACMA!

Click to access LACMALabRFP.pdf

I propose that “WE” submit a proposal. By “we” I mean the distributed artists’ collective “Blueberry Blintz”. Not all 6 of us necessarily have to participate, and others in our sphere could join in, but I think that “we” could submit a compelling proposal for this.

I also like that that such a legitimate-in-its-own-right proposal would also weave connections temporally backward and forward:
• a through line flowing from Stanford PBR MOOC research
• a through line moving into the LACMA+ Partners new investigation

What do you think?
Who is interested?
We only have a week for a proposal, but we can totally make that!