I first became aware of Medici University eight days ago. Through a series of winging- it steps, I’ve got myself a studio on Vashti 2, intending to study virtual photographic arts and creative writing.

I’m not an academic and have been out of school for a long time. I also happen to have organ and brain damage from environmental toxins and other trauma. I’m gradually and brilliantly restoring myself.

I’ve also faced some substantial discouragement and exclusion in Second Life. I’m passionate about demonstrating that I and my life matter as does my creativity.

The set-up phase with the different sites here have been quite a challenge for me to navigate. When Izzy asked for help, I volunteered to encourage new students and somehow have obtained the title of Advisor of Students or something like that. I’ll put my heart into it. Feel free to help out if you’d like.

I have a blog and Flickr:

When Words Fail_Montara Bridge Works Gallery