M.U. Loose Schedule of Reality

University life is not all fun and games. It also prepares you for timelessness and weightlessness! Luckily we have a loose schedule to guide the process.

Upcoming MU Highlights

photo of university graduates

Convocation & MU Pride Parade

Sunday, March 1
• 10am SLT – Convocation (up top at arrival area)
• 10:15 – Parade through the campus neighborhoods
• 11:00 – Dance Party @KATYPERRYOPOLIS!

Photo of Agnes Sharple dancing in the fountain at Trafalgar Square in London and wearing a Kony 2012 t-shirt.

Dance Anywhere

• 27 March
• Noon – 1pm SLT

Mid-Term Exhibits and Events

• Friday, April 11 – Sunday, April 19

Jane’s Walk

• 1, 2, 3 May

Graduation Rites

• Friday, 12 through Sunday, 14 of June

Medici University Calendar of Classes and Events

Class Creators:

  • Feature your scheduled event and time(s) on the Schedule Page on MU Talk.
  • For edit access to the M.U. google calendar, send your gmail address to rmarie.beedit at gmail.


Class Seekers: To find a course, use these references to meet your sages!