Vanessa’s side of 13 Jan Hangout

Christa asked me to post my side of todays’ Google Hangout as a sort of rough notes on the conversation.

Here it is!

[09:03] (You): Hiiii
[09:03] (You): IDK!
[09:05] (You): Happy 2014!
[09:05] (You): haha
[09:05] (You): aww
[09:05] (You): you paid attention! 🙂
[09:07] (You): I’ve started a new series “365 Dancers” which is portraits / short interviews with 1 person / nite dancing someplace in a virtual world. I think it’s going to be a lot of work… but an interesting Art / Ethnography investigation of ways of being in this century.
[09:08] (You): haha
[09:08] (You): it was so cool!
[09:08] (You): I think she got in trouble with her kids though! 😛
[09:08] Dino (dino Ferina) is online.
[09:09] (You): Jeremy Owen Turner and his 7-year-old son did a Minecraft performance art piece this year.
[09:09] (You): “activities”
[09:10] (You): Congratulations again on the acquisition of your old junk!!!
[09:10] (You): Me too!!!
[09:11] (You): Too many blogs to keep track of!
[09:11] (You): actually, FEEDLY
[09:11] (You): is a great tool for keeping track of all that stuff
[09:12] (You): I’ll post about that in a day or two
[09:12] (You): and have your drones pirated!!
[09:13] (You): ???
[09:13] (You): mee?
[09:13] (You): Miss Non Judgemental?
[09:15] (You): such a perfect idea!
[09:15] Lady Alisha (Alisha Ultsch) is offline.
[09:15] (You): oh gawd!
[09:15] (You): I was amazed how hard it was!!
[09:16] (You): how does anybody hang out here!?!?
[09:16] (You): not a good virtual world marketing experience! 😛
[09:16] (You): but Xta was amazing!!
[09:16] (You): yessy!
[09:17] (You): oh yes, The Planets “closed” on 31 Dec!
[09:17] (You): cruel god
[09:17] (You): Xta goes crazy with a deadline!!
[09:18] (You): Oh yes
[09:18] (You): Ze Moo
[09:18] (You): famous Amsterdam
[09:18] (You): new media / pirate radio / free culture
[09:18] (You): He will be begging you to visit him in Amsterdam any day now!!
[09:18] (You): 😛
[09:19] Maya Paris is online.
[09:19] (You): perhaps like RL… the virtual world seems so “serious” when you’re new…
[09:20] (You): yes!
[09:21] (You): I think virtual space is such an “identity factory”
[09:22] (You): have you done a monologue in HER voice? Or are all your previous monologues as “you”?
[09:23] (You): great!
[09:23] Elaine Lorefield is offline.
[09:27] (You): I wonder how many times that’s been repeated?
[09:28] (You): You know one interesting thing I heard about the film Avatar is that all around the globe, audiences thought the film was about THEM.
[09:28] (You): the loss of land….
[09:30] (You): also legacy has a lot to do with institutional embodiment
[09:30] (You): Edison vs Tesla, etc
[09:32] (You): great ideas Molly!
[09:33] (You): You know about the mixed reality piece that we did with Owen in London and myself and others in SL… you could also have yourself live in a gallery space with a mixed reality element remotely fed in…
[09:33] (You): kind of like you just said! 🙂
[09:37] (You): it’s interesting how much beachfront space there is in VR, it’s not the same “fight” for land as IRL, but it still seems that there is a desire for land = identity
[09:38] (You): I have to bug him!!!
[09:38] (You): me too!
[09:38] (You): 😛
[09:38] (You): sort of
[09:38] (You): He used .Re/act while we were setting it uup
[09:40] (You): Feb 28 is a performance?
[09:41] (You): wow!
[09:41] (You): 1850 Twitter Convesation (note for self)
[09:41] (You): Yessss!
[09:41] (You): no
[09:42] (You): yes
[09:42] (You): where else!
[09:42] (You): 😀
[09:42] (You): it will be a group “Tweet Chat”?
[09:43] (You): Yes
[09:43] (You): IDK how far or deep .Re/search can go, but I think there’s at least a possibility to use a space like that than the surface quality of a Facebook
[09:43] (You): yes Michael!
[09:43] (You): I think groups are the way to go in MOOCs
[09:44] (You): unless it’s a basic lecture MOOC and you just want bulk content
[09:44] (You): yessy!
[09:44] (You): haha
[09:44] (You): before we forget everytyhing
[09:44] (You): 😀