Next week's crit will be in the MU Gallery of Art!

A slight followup to the last post: Crit will go on same time (Wednesday), but not the same place. We shall leave Collaborateopolis for the new gallery space!  This will be a good opportunity to catch up with the works of people whose schedules have been clashing with crit day – now we will have a chance to talk about our work collectively, instead of individually – We now have the opportunity to see how our works function together, as a whole.

For those of you regulars and semi-regulars of the crits (you know who you are): there’s has been a presentation and installation aspect that we have not touched on during crits, as works have been rezzed on the fly or shown in studios. Now, we will have the chance to work on a group exhibition!

While submitting your works and communicating with Myra I’d like learners to consider:

– Negotiating the presentation of your piece
Do you want it on a plinth? A frame? The scale of your work? What about an LM to a destination elsewhere? Think about what works best for you within constraints you are given, and adapt to that.

– The positioning of your work in relations to other learners in the space
Think about whose work you want to “have a dialogue” with. Are there any connections and contrasts between your work and others’? Where will your art be placed in relation to theirs?

– The chronology of works
How will you depict a progression in your art practice in the gallery space? There will be a rotation of works every week – which pieces will you choose to communicate a narrative?

– Coming up with a title for the show
What is the unifying theme between your works, and if there doesn’t seem to be any, how shall we name our exhibition so it seems like it was all planned out and curated in the first place? 😉

I shall document the show and post reviews and feedback of it next week. We can’t wait to see what you will come up with!