Transparency Report #1 – Money

It’s been brought to my attention by multiple MU learners, that I am a poor communicator. I apologize to the campus community, and individually to those I’ve harmed. For however much longer I might stay on as provost, I will redouble my efforts at better, and more, communication.

The people I’ve upset have in general wanted more IM communication. I appreciate that most peeps in SL prefer IM as the primary form of communication. I will try to honor this, however I further believe that as much as can be public, should be public. This is why I prefer talking in VB Friends chat over local chat, and why I like posting here on MU/Talk – they are public forums accessible by the entire community.

In an effort at better communication, this will be the first of many “Transparency Reports.” Today’s topic is Money.

A number of people have asked me if, or accused me of, making money off the backs of MU Learners. I’ve answered that question privately in the past, but should have made a full public declaration sooner.

Is some RL University or other institution paying me or funding me in some way to operate MU?


I do not receive a grant, stipend, reimbursement, or any funding of any kind from any institution or individual, RL or VR, for operating MU. The only entity putting money into MU is my personal bank account.

Am I making money off the work MU Learners contribute in places like MU/Creativity or in any other way?


I have not in the past, am not now, and will not in the future, collect any kind of money for any work by myself or anyone else at MU. The work seen on the 4 MU websites: MU/Home, MU/Talk, MU/Creativity & KPO! is owned by the individual authors. I do not take any part of anyone’s copyright in any way. My own work is licensed Creative Commons Attribution. You are free to use, reuse, remix, and even sell my work. You do not need my permission and you do not need to, and should not, compensate me in any financial way. Everyone else retains the copyright to their own work and may sell, license, share, give away, or not, as they choose.

What is my total income and outgo from MU?


0. I do not receive any income, funding, ad revenue, or any other sort of compensation, RL or VR, for anything related to MU.

1. I paid Myra about L$3,000 L$8,000 for the KPO! audio stream.
2. I pay models for the life drawing class L$250/hour.
3. I have purchased some art from a few MU Learners. Typically I have paid L$500 for a single, no copy, 2D, artwork. A couple of MU Learners have given me pieces at no cost.
4. When I dance at KPO! I tip DJ’s and hosts. Typically L$100 or L$200 per person.

Your Questions?

I will try to do as many Transparency Reports as possible. I’ll try to make clear not just things like this financial report, but also what’s going on on campus, what decisions are made, how they are made, and how you can have input.

If you have questions about anything, whether personally about me, about MU, about policies, procedures, activities, choices, past or present, don’t wait for me to get around to talking about it. Leave a comment below and I will address your question in my next Transparency Report. I will try to do as many Transparency Reports per week as I possibly can.

Thank you for your support on those occasions when I have had it. I apologize for those occasions when I have lost your confidence.