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What makes Graduate Study @MU a Unique Experience?

No Hoops

Some people prefer the technical term "bullshit." Whatever you call it, bureaucratic organizations tend to spend a lot of time telling you what to go do with your graduate experience. At Medici University we're here to get out of the way. We're here to empower you to create an alternative, deeply personalized program that gives your real and valuable experience on the way to the life you want to live.

No Debt

Brick & mortar Universities saddle you with about USD 30,000 of debt / year of grad school. Sprawling campuses are expensive. Security. Landscaping. Faculty. Staff. At Medici University we eliminate almost all of it. We don't charge fees because we don't provide a behemoth infrastructure that you don't need. Our job is to get out of your way, and keep you out of debt.

No Requirements

At Medici University your program never comes down from above like tablets off a mountain. At MU the student is the ultimate judge of what their graduate program will and will not include. It's not about our vision, it's about helping you realize your vision.

Medici University News

  • map of Edie's "Art Farm Coop" showing 4 themed areas: Ward 81, Bad Teacher, Babel Infocalypse & MUGA

    Announcing Summer & Fall Sessions!

    Summer Session at Art Farm Coop is August 1 – September 13! Enroll now!

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  • Aerial view of a VR SL 6.5 hectare region divided into 4 "activity" areas: Interaction Zone, Fashion Island, Photo Studio & Gamer's Cove

    Farm Co-op, an LEA AiR Round 9 Proposal

    Co-operative Art Farm will consist of 4 activity areas: Photo Studio, Gamer’s Cove, Fashion Island & Interaction Zone, where avatar artists can create, share, and collaborate.

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  • Seond Life Safety

    Heya all! One small change in the sL Safety class It is going to be from 6 pm – 7pm. So it is Tuesday June 9 from 6 pm -7 pm At Maria 3 Thanks all and I hope to see people there! (I give gifties)

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  • photo of Claire Namiboo's campus transport vehicle

    Campus Tour (Welcome to Medici University)

    I shot a little video today from the passenger seat of Claire Namiboo’s Campus Shuttle. It’s a nice peek at some of the studios on campus on 24 May ’15.

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  • Katy Perry with fireworks and a lot of bright, primary colors!

    MU Photo Collections

    MU now has 5 flickr photo groups. Please join the 4 open groups and add your pix to the one most appropriate group!

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  • Pharaoh


    Pharaoh was the name for king and the son of the god Ra. The title originates in the Egyptian term “great house”, describing the royal palace.

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MU Faculty

I’m passionate about healthy, cruelty free, sustainable living. I don’t support patriarchal culture, the military industrial complex, or the slaughtering of animals. I do support educational experiences and careers that don’t involve hours, requirements, or offices, but that instead are based on achievements.

I’m an award-winning experimental media producer, video-artist, writer, curator, educator & musician. Commissioner, Santa Monica Arts Commission. Santa Monica Arts Foundation, Board Member. Santa Monica Public Art Committee, Committee Member.

My work is to facilitate community. Whether it’s the participant-driven Public Art & Performance Art works of Vanessa Blaylock Company, or online collaborative art & culture salons like .Re/search and iRez, I define my success in helping you communicate and interact.

What’s on [My] Mind? is a multi-platform (transmedia) performance project investigating the terrain of intergenerational identity. Working in multiple mediums — monologues, music, social media, virtual worlds, and blogs — I explores how race, identity, kinship and annexation conspire to determine a person’s (a family’s, a nation’s) fate.

After my career in women’s health and pediatrics, I turned my focus to avatar reproductive systems. They are often especially fragile and so many worthy couples have been devastated at their inability to conceive. I try to combined the latest research in avatar fertility with a gracious, humanistic avatar gestation carrier program.

Ground Breaking 1 April

MU College of Avatar Architecture & Virtual Urban Planning