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selenium toned photo of avatars in a gallery critiquing work

Studio Art 1 – Crit Class

Interdisciplinary crit class every Wednesday evening at 7pm SLT. Rez your work at Collaborateopolis, or just come and talk about other’s work.
• Facilitators: Isabella Medici
• Wednesdays 7-8pm SLT
• Collaborateopolis, Maria 5 & 13

portrait of Newston

Philosophy 109 – Cafe Sophistry

The goal of the Café Sophistry curriculum is to encourage the sharing of individual or collaborative artwork inspired-by our contemplation of facets of virtual existence.
• Facilitators: Newton and RMarie Beedit
• Sun 1 Mar, Sun 12 Apr, Sun 3 May & TBA
• 8am SLT, Nostradamus 9


Treadmill Dance Aerobics

Kinesiology 88 – Treadmill Dance Aerobics

Kinesiology & Physical Education course designed to help MU Learners maintain a healthy mind and body!
• Facilitator: Izzy de’M
• Fridays starting 27 Feb, 7-8pm SLT
• F2F (A2A) choice.


University 101 – About.me

Introductory course designed to help new MU Learners plan for goals and activities.
• Facilitator: Isabella Medici
• 16 Feb – 28 Mar
• Hybrid Course, Self-paced
• Optional Discussion Meetings on M or W in Maria:14

illustration of a man drawing a can of beer

Studio Art 13 – Drinking & Drawing

• Facilitator: Van Caerndow
• Ongoing: Mondays, Starting 16 February ’15
• 8pm to 8:30pm in Aurelia:6

photo of hands holding a candle

Religion 10 – Chaplain’s Office Hours

• Facilitator: Chaplain Beedit
• Ongoing: Sundays, Starting 15 February ’15
• 8-10am SLT (varying) in Camilla:8

a pair of roller skates

Kinesiology 199 – Roller Skating Party

• Facilitator: Veyot
• Tuesday 10 February ’15
• 10am at Camilla:7 (MU Travel)

It’s good for your creative brain! Henry Thoreau claimed that his thoughts began to flow the moment his legs began to move.


poster for Medici University Motocross

Kinesiology 69 – MU Motocross

• Facilitators: Chaplain Beedit & Paypabak Writer
• Saturday 31 January ’15
• Competition: 7pm SLT – Torch Bridge
• Dance Afterparty: 8pm SLT – KatyPerryopolis