Creativity Next Door: Neeva Torok

For someone who inspires people to climb up high towers of collaborative work, Neeva Torok is an incredibly down to earth artist! I had the pleasure of meeting Neeva as she was spending her lunchtime “tinkering” with prims, and after our brains were done high-fiving over our common love for community spirit, old-school primming, and M.C. Escher’s work, I got to ask her a little about her project at MU..

Life List

As a 1st activity for all of us, especially all our new arrivals, I’d like to suggest a *Life List* activity. Some people call *Life Lists* “Bucket Lists.” The idea is to take a bit of time and really think through what you’d like to accomplish. You can post yours online if you like. You can also come to a Life List discussion group on Saturday 14 Feb at 10am SLT.