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Medici University: A fond farewell

Medici University: A fond farewell

By Myra Wilmist and Art Oluja

Medici University is closing, but its legacy lives on.

The last official day of Medici University’s (MU) existence as an entity at LEA 23 is June 30. On July 1, the region will be turned over to the next occupant of LEA 23.

Plans never quite go as people envision them, and MU became so much more than anyone could ever imagine. MU started with Izzy planting a seedling of an idea, the vision for a post modern, virtual art school free of the hierarchical constraints of traditional institutions. This idea evolved over time, and sprouted something unique, nurtured and fed by the students and faculty of MU. The creative interaction, the thought provoking discussions, and the sense of community at MU brought forth something beautiful, as gorgeous as the rarest orchid.

Every student and faculty member made MU grow, everyone contributed in small ways and large. For six months, MU has nurtured and developed the arts in and out of Second Life. People came together exchanging ideas, helping each other, teaching, creating, becoming artists and evolving as artists.

June 30 will bring an end to MU, the buildings and studios will be gone the next day. We’ll no longer have this central place to exchange ideas and work on art and just hang out, together. But the impact of MU will continue to thrive. The school has influenced so many people, and that energy will carry on as we all step away into a new phase of creative exploration. And we will share that inspiration with others, passing along what we’ve learned and sharing our work and ideas.

Thank you everyone at MU, for this wonderful opportunity, I appreciate all your positive energy, your constant support, and of course, all the inspirational creativity that poked my brain everyday I logged onto our quirky campus. -Art




  1. Well said! Thanks everyone who participated in this great creative experience. I’m leaving the experience with new friends, new confidence, new ideas, a portfolio of work, and a flicker feed of amazing memories. That’s time well spent. By LEA standards, MU was a huge success. The number of people participating, the number of visitors, the volume of work, the blogs and blog mentions. The metrics were great, and the soul of the place even better. So best wishes to you all. Keep the creative fire burning, and if you find anything that amazes you, art that inspires, projects that excite you, let me know! I’m cheering and you as we all step off into the future.

    ❤️ Never

    Neeva Torok
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