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Studio Art 1: Crit Class

Studio Art 1: Crit Class

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In an art school we tend to make stuff. Often objects. But even conceptual work that isn’t about object production still wants to be discussed. Hopefully we do this within our departments: writers reading each other’s work, photographers discussing work, and so on. With Studio Art 1: Crit Class we have an interdisciplinary chance for anyone from the campus community to show and discuss work.

Studio Art 1 is a semester-long course where MU Learners can show & discuss each other’s work. Attend the weeks you want. You don’t have to attend every week.

Crit Class is ideally suited to 2D & 3D works and installations in that we can look & discuss at the same time in an interactive conversation. Walking the campus is good, but in a 1-hour crit class we can’t walk to too many studios, fortunately we have the double-wide Collaboratopolis space at Maria:5:13 to rez 2D, 3D & Installation works. A novel or a feature length video are obviously hard to fit into this type of crit class. But 3 minute videos and poems or 1,000 word-and-under writing can work. For poets and writers you also have the option of reading the work to the class in voice. (even with voice it’s best if we also have text on a web page or notecard to follow along with – but voice can help make the text experience more “Live”)

Studio Art 1

Facilitator: Isabella Medici
Format: F2F Discussion
Length: All Semester – attend once, or every week
Meeting Times: 7-8pm SLT Wednesdays
Location: MU:Maria:5:13
Enrollment: to enroll, just add your name in the comments below

When you enroll, please add
• Your Studio#
• A URL to see your work (optional)

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