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Kinesiology 88: Treadmill Dance Aerobics

Kinesiology 88: Treadmill Dance Aerobics

Treadmill Dance Aerobics
At Medici University learners work hard to create world-changing Art & Culture. But we also play hard. In K88 your provost, and personal trainer Izzy de’M will lead you in a total pixel dance & Zumba workout on a treadmill. It’s the perfect way to jump-start your weekend!

Treadmill Dance Aerobics

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”] Kinesiology 88 is a semester-long course where MU Learners can balance all their art & culture creativity with some kickass moved on the dance treadmill. All skill levels welcome. You do not need to attend every Friday. Come when you can.[/box]

Put on some comfortable shoes & loose-fit clothing and take a break from all that creativity. Let your flexi-hair down and shake those polygons with your personal trainer Izzy de’M!

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Kinesiology 88

Facilitator: Izzy de’M
Format: F2F!
Length: All Semester – attend once, or every week
Meeting Times: 7-8pm SLT Fridays
Location: Izzy’s Gym – Camilla:5
Enrollment: to enroll, just add your name in the comments below

When you enroll, please add
• Your Studio#
• A URL to see your work (optional)[/box]

Treadmill Dance Aerobics

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