Incredible Friday!

Did you catch how many awesome things happened @MU yesterday!?


For the 3rd week the BAOC Award has been presented!
1. Neeva Torok
2. Fanny Vermont
3. Art Oluja

Oona Fawkes

Getting the jump on our 5 May Katy Fawkes “Studio Roulette” activity (yes, still optional!) Oona & Feels traded studios. Can you believe it? The Queen of the Cosa Nostra is now a soccer mom in quiet, suburban Vashti while the explosive Feels is takin his animated prims up to main street!

Oona’s going to be trading studios every Friday, so if you’re willing to swap with her on some future Friday, let her know!

Dance Anywhere

Vanessa’s Virtual Public Art 199 class, and friends, participated in Dance Anywhere 2015 and Veyot made an awesome video about it!

Neeva logged in by iPad, couldn’t walk and Wilmer carefully pushed her from place to place. When the group arrived at KPO! Myra did a DJ set.
Dance Anywhere
Veyot’s Video

Cough Syrup

Now if someone could just run a nice bottle of VR cough syrup over to poor, sick NSANE, our Friday magic would be complete.

Feel better NSANE! Congratulations and thank you everyone for making this the most magical Friday yet @MU!