Mixed Berry Shake – May 2014!

Nice hangout today with Christa, Ciara, Kate, Michael, Rebecca N., Hugh, and myself. More great topics than we had time for. Here’s a few snips from my typing in response to compelling ideas from the other participants:


[09:15] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I’ve been thinking so much about Gertrude Stein’s salon for a long time… and now thanks to Edie dragging me into this Warhol MOOC… I’ve come to have a much deeper appreciation of Andy Warhol’s Factory… to the outside world a lot of that work is “Warhol”… but the Factory reality was much more Collaborative Production…

[09:18] Vaneeesa Blaylock: the world loves “genius” auteurs!

[09:20] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I think that Robert Pratten “radar diagram” suggested some interesting ideas…. and IDK if a “Co-Creation” space can also have “authorial control”

Christa Forster

Christa Forster

[09:22] Vaneeesa Blaylock: interesting point Kate – it’s always a little bit of a fuss that an artist has assistants – but an actor having hair, makeup, etc, etc…

[09:24] Vaneeesa Blaylock: is that the Artist? or the Art Market? the Collector / Consumer culture? what do you get for your money? a painting? or a “piece” of the genius artist?

[09:33] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I think we have the “authorial control” vs “co-creation” tension here… but in general online… we always have conflicting control issues… I post some fun party photos on FB… you ask me to take them down because you don’t look good or you’re holding a drink and don’t want your elementary school kids to see it…

Chiar Finnegan

Ciara Finnegan

New Media; New Exhibition

[09:35] Vaneeesa Blaylock: when oil is cheap, alternative fuels are impossible… expensive oil is good for alternative fuels…. and yes… lack of access to Saatchi / Broad… maybe that’s good for finding alternative practice & exhibition spaces…

[09:36] Vaneeesa Blaylock: someone posted last week “When a contemporary artist makes something as compelling as Twitter, then I’ll be impressed”… I replied, “I thought Twitter WAS Contemporary Art…”

[09:42] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I think WE, have been really lucky to find this group out of PBR… I find so much online…. which Could / Should… be the virtual alternative to that Walmart Town Square… it’s hard to pull groups together… 27,000 peeps are in Warhol MOOC… but without something like the PBR Groups…. connections are hard… we’re very focused on Fast & Quick communications…

Kate Johnson & Michael Masucci

Kate Johnson & Michael Masucci

[09:46] Vaneeesa Blaylock: haha, I think when these things work… it’s just a lot of different ideas rapidly, synapse-like, firing in the “flow”… 2 days before Warhol MOOC it just crossed my mind…. should I take it as “Vanessa”… or maybe “be” Nico or Edie Sedgwick… and now 3 weeks later, Edie’s got this whole practice going! And I think .Re/act & Charla are also examples of that…. just a lot of ideas / inspriations / connections…

Rebecca N: Dance Funding

[09:58] Vaneeesa Blaylock: Rebecca is looking for some funding advice for next year….

[09:58] Vaneeesa Blaylock: you know, the PBR faculty was a bit checked out… but that was good in a way… perhaps it promoted better communication between We The Students…

[10:01] Vaneeesa Blaylock: do you have a “budget” for next year Rebecca? how much you might need?

[10:08] Vaneeesa Blaylock: yes… Interactivity! And maybe NonLinear IS, haha (sorry) the “New Linear” – or the way that younger people experience Life / Culture / Media…

Rebecca Narum

Rebecca Narum

[10:11] Vaneeesa Blaylock: you know, I’ve been thinking a lot about how “history” chooses to “remember” certain things certain ways… and ignore or marginalize other streams… and many of the ideas we’ve put out today, Collaboration, Interactivity, NonLineairty… as you say… are LONG running forms of practice… but have not been the dominant narrative…. particularly for the Art Market…

[10:15] Vaneeesa Blaylock: do you have any of this current project online ATM Hugh?

[10:18] Vaneeesa Blaylock: What about putting up a €4,000 or 5,000 Kickstarter / Indiegogo campaign? You can’t do it “for school”… but you can do it “for a specific project”…. and it’s also a great way to articulate your ideas and connect to audience / colleagues…

Hugh Mcelveen

Hugh Mcelveen

[10:22] Vaneeesa Blaylock: Michael have you used Ustream? I think their stream actually looks better than Hangouts.

[10:28] Vaneeesa Blaylock: oh yes! Overview of my projects is at: http://vanessablaylock.com

Guerilla Drive-Ins

[10:30] Vaneeesa Blaylock: the Guerilla Drive Ins were great!

[10:33] Vaneeesa Blaylock: More on .Re/act… and next month! Have a lovely week everyone!