NO! STOP! Donnie is innocent!

NO! NO! NO! STOP!!! This is really cruel and wrong! Donnie didn’t do it and, to be clear, I never said he did. He’s right. I fell. (What he’s wrong about is the “Palace of Justice” reference – it was a small claims court.) Media loves a frenzy. The juxtaposition of text and image led Meg to jump to an erroneous conclusion and, despite the fact that Donnie tried to nip the inaccuracy of her judgement in the bud, the damage had already been done. The first stones cast and the witch-hunt was on. Donnie was a dead man already at that stage.

What can I say? To Donnie: I’m so immensely sorry. And to the others: Be careful. Words and images do not always add up to the total you believe, or want to believe.

Can Donnie survive this character assassination, the firing from the job he hadn’t yet started?

I’m scared that Donnie with his bluster, his grit, his illness (yes, I mean his alcoholism) he was already a marked man in a community of well, it would seem, otherwise flawless characters…