Imagination: Glue for Facts

For a recent family reunion (250 Forsters in San Juan Capistrano, CA!), I adapted the research on Ysidora Pico de Forster (1808-1873), which I collected during the creation of my performance “What’s on [My] Mind?“ and presented it to my family members in a straight-up presentation, complete with a Keynote  slide show. In …

Artists Occupy Abandoned Building in the Centre of São Paulo

Traditionally, homeless have taken over abandoned buildings, however this time it’s different. A group of artists have taken over an abandoned building with a view to making it a centre for culture and arts. This photo is just one of the incentives – inviting local artists for a Life Drawing …

Renie Schollerer, Director, MU Avatar Fertility & Surrogacy Center

After my career in women’s health and pediatrics, I turned my focus to avatar reproductive systems. They are often especially fragile and so many worthy couples have been devastated at their inability to conceive. I try to combined the latest research in avatar fertility with a gracious, humanistic avatar gestation …

Ysidora Pico, Professor of Native American Studies

What’s on [My] Mind? is a multi-platform (transmedia) performance project investigating the terrain of intergenerational identity. Working in multiple mediums — monologues, music, social media, virtual worlds, and blogs — I explores how race, identity, kinship and annexation conspire to determine a person’s (a family’s, a nation’s) fate.

Nothing special: Warhol’s childhood scrapbook

Andy Warhol’s Childhood Scrapbook may be understood as the germ of a number of themes and obsessions that underscore the majority of Warhol’s adult life from the fascination with Hollywood and stardom to the way in which the scrapbook is organised through uniformity, seriality, and an overt mechanical reproduction through the mass produced studio portraits of film stars.

Self-portrait in Drag

With her cropped blonde wig and horizontal striped shirt, it seems as if Cindy Sherman is impersonating Andy Warhol impersonating a woman: heads cocked back, full slightly parted lips, and cool unwavering stares, although Warhol’s seems a bit more vacant. Sherman’s character is just as beautiful, but she knows it; maybe she has had more practice.