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Final Blueberry PBR 2013 Hangout!

Final Blueberry PBR 2013 Hangout!

We had our final PBR “Articulating Practice” / moving forward Team Google Hangout today!

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For 2014 we’re hoping to have a monthly hangout;
we’ve just published our first 3 .Re/cipes;
and we’re thinking about a virtual book club.

Inspired Journeys

This semester we’ve’ve gone on many inspired journeys. Leslie Hill & Susan Kozel introduced us to 2 powerful ways of perceiving practice: Autoethnography & Phenomenology. Later Laurie Beth Clark & Michael Peterson and Gretchen Schiller invited use to deepen our connections to our own “team” and to the larger culture through Relational Aesthetics activities and giving our practice a place (“box”) and identity (“love letter to”)

We 6 “Blueberries”: Christa, Katrina, Michael, Molly, Rebecca, and Vanessa work in diverse media, yet none of us are 2D artists creating in the privacy of a studio and only presenting “finished pieces” in a gallery. In our diverse ways we all create interactions with and for various publics and in many cases the artist::public boundary is quite porous. The tools from Hill and Kozel, and the activities from Clark & Peterson and Schiller have guided we 6 artist-scholars, as Charles Willson Peale imagined,

Along a chain of flowers into the mysteries of life.

I believe that artists and art institutions have a responsibility to speak with, and be accessible by, the larger culture. Prior to beginning this course I’ve moved toward the idea of eliminating the “audience,” and that there are only “participants.” The activities this semester have both deepened my engagement with the work and my collaborators, and also envisioned ways to move that practice out to engage wider publics.

As a group we’ve launched this website! Here our interaction and collaboration can continue to blossom beyond the temporal constraints of one MOOC and into the wonderous unknown of 2014.

— VB

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