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cartoon about standardized testing

FutureED Week 5

This week we look at Pedagogy & Assessment with particular emphasis on digital Badges as tools to support & document learning and make it portable. Unlike a line in a resume that leaves the content at the university, a badge carries the content with the student.

photo of Ward Cunningham gesturing with his hands.

FutureED: Course Constitution

FutureEd constitutes an experiment in collaborative learning. Together, we commit ourselves to iteratively identifying, evaluating, creating, rethinking, and building solutions to [mostly] higher educational challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for all of us in the 21st century.

photo of Tim Berners-Lee's NeXT Cube with a "server, do not power down" sticker on it

FutureED – Week 3

For me the day it all changed was 6 August 1991 when Tim Berners-Lee posted the 1st web page. Course instructor Cathy N. Davidson seems paradoxically uninterested in Berners-Lee’s insight and prefers to focus on 22 April 1993, the day the Mosaic web browser was released. Either way, for about 22 years the world has […]