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Who Killed Edie Sedgwick?

Who Killed Edie Sedgwick?

black-and-white photo of Edie Sedgwick avatar sitting on a sofa and wearing black tights, a black bra, and a fur coat
HAPPIER TIMES: Fashion-starlet Edie Sedgwick recently moved into the MU campus and started producing a new series of “Screen Tests.” In this photo, taken less than 24 hours before her death, Sedgwick, dressed in her trademark black leggings, black bra, and fur coat, seemed optimistic about the future.

This report includes graphic images from the crime scene. Viewer discretion is advised.
Edie Sedgwick Avatar body floating in water
Edie Sedgwick. Dead. Again. Early this morning, Sedgwick’s body washed up on the shore of Eleonora Slough near Neeva Torok’s studio

MARIA NEIGHBORHOOD, MEDICI UNIVERSITY, THIS MORNING — Fellow learners, I have the most tragic and sad news to report: Edie Sedgwick is dead. Again. At approximately 5:30am SLT this morning her body washed up on the shore of the Eleonora Slough near the studio of classmate Neeva Torok.

Sedgwick had recently taken a studio at Medici University, begun a new series of Screen Tests, and was optimistic about the future. Reports from the crime scene are sketchy and sparse. I will update as details come in. One bystander reported hearing someone say,

I hate that bitch

Unfortunately the bystander quickly disappeared and we do not have identification for who made this statement.

Aerial view of the Maria Neighborhood of Medici University. Looking down from a giant "Cardboard Boxbot" statue to a tiny avatar floating in the water next to it.
Far below the giant “Feels Empty” sculpture at Neeva Torok’s studio, Edie Sedgwick’s lifeless body floats at the bank of the Eleonora Slough.

Having struggled with drug abuse in the past, Sedgwick tweeted on Saturday that her life was finally back on track:

The last known contact with Sedgwick was yesterday afternoon when she met with classmate Oona Nostra and they went to visit the Second Afterlife Cemetery. Sedgwick had talked about meeting later with classmate Skye Fairywren to do a screen test. So far no one reports having seen Sedgwick return to campus from Second Afterlife. Nostra appears to be the last person to see Sedgwick alive.

an avatar floating in water with a face appearing above it in the water reflections
Edie Sedgwick floats face-down in the Eleonora Slough. High above, the menacing face of the giant “Feels Empty” statue at Neeva Torok’s studio towers over Sedgwick’s lifeless body.

Please Help!

If you have any information about this case, even if it seems small or irrelevant, please report it immediately. If you:

  • Saw or spoke to Sedgwick in the last 3 days
  • Have heard anyone speak about her
  • Have any information about her trip to Second Afterlife Cemetery or if she returned
  • Know of anyone she fought with or who might have reason to harm her
  • Have seen any suspicious individuals lurking around campus

Please notify Campus Security immediately! We will not rest until the killer or killers of this beautiful, young student in the prime of her life, are brought to justice.

If you have any information you can leave it:

We need your help to solve this tragic mystery. Please act now before leads dry up.

black and white photo of a fur coat floating in the water with an out of focus avatar body floating nearby
Sedgwick’s fur coat was found also floating in the water just a meter from her body.


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  2. oh if only the giant feels empty sculpture could talk, then we might have an eye witness. Me, I never liked Edie. I like pretty much everyone, but she came in and totally changed the neighborhood. She displaced the provost, flouted zoning laws by making her “studio” underwater, and started some video project that I don’t understand, and that made me feel inadequate because I don’t know how to make a video. Plus, she never even talked to me or said hello. I liked my old neighbor much better and can’t say I’m sorry to see this Edie-whoever go. I hate to say it, but this Edie person probably got what she deserved.

    Bad Neeva
  3. I talked to her at her creepy cemetery home maybe 2 days ago. She was trashy looking and pale as normal. And I mean, I didn’t really have anything against her, she was just tacky. And unhelpful about the thing I wanted to discuss with her. But that doesn’t mean I killed her. Truly, if I wanted to kill her, there would be no body. Thats what I told Inspector/Kiosk Boy Ryan and its the truth. I have nothing to hide.

    And yes she was nice to me, I just think she was trying to persuade Ryan to come over and knock dead boots with her, so then I just kinda decided she wasn’t as ‘sweet’ as she appeared. I’m innocent, truly. bats my eyes Have a cupcake?

    (I think maybe the fact that Feels Empty is looming over her in statue form means more than we realize.)

  4. I haven’t met Edie. Not even one time. Nevertheless Bad Neeva may be right with her statements, though. Let me only add the fact that Sedgwick wore a fur coat! On the other side, she’s been away so long – has anybody told her how to behave nowadays?

    However, I don’t have any hints that could help to solve this case, but the photographer of the forensic department clearly has the wrong job.
    Very artistic work!

    Shrugging Fanny

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