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About Rebecca Collins

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Pleased to be part of this conversation, great initiative, it feels a bit like the backstage area or green room of the PBR course! I’m Rebecca an artist and PhD Researcher here is a little link to my website Rebecca Louise Collins.com and I will paste my 100 word blurb about my project by way of introduction –

Vocal sponge is a solo performance piece that focuses on the gaps between words, uegh, uegh, the cough and urr, erm elements of non-linguistic communication. It questions how vocal emissions bordering on the quasi-animal might alter dialogical relations. Taking inspiration from Rebecca’s own voiced sounds as both a native English speaker and fluent Spanish speaker; the main content will be derived from these elements as they emerge in the everyday. Language here is considered as a choreography of the mouth, a careful, intricate dance between tongue, teeth, breath, and sound that might extend and expand to other body parts or even objects.

Looking forward to sharing thoughts, ideas and spreading the creative vibe across these pages.


Photo of Rebecca Louise Collins in a blonde wig and singing into a karaoke microphone

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