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Blueberry Hangouts 2014

Blueberry Hangouts 2014

Screen Cap of Google Hangout by 6 teammates in the Stanford Online / NovoED course Practice Based Research in the Arts
Blueberry Blintz: Christa, Katrina, Michael, Rebecca, Vanessa & Molly (photo by Molly)

Now that the Practice Based Research in the Arts MOOC is wrapping up, we’d like to keep “Hanging Out” if we can. I’m not certain that all 6 Blueberries want to continue, and I’m not certain that Mondays at 9am California time / Noon EST / 17:00 GMT is the best time, but I’ll run with those assumptions for the moment. Here’s a calendar of 2nd Mondays of the month for 2014. I’ve listed us as “facilitator” alphabetically by first name, but peeps can trade if they like, and anyone is welcome to swap months with me anytime.


Blueberry Hangouts 2014

2nd Monday of the Month, 9-10am California Time
Jan 13 – facilitator: Christa
Feb 10 – facilitator: Katrina
Mar 10 – facilitator: Michael
Apr 14 – facilitator: Molly
May 12 – facilitator: Rebecca
Jun 9 – facilitator: Vanessa
Jul 14 – facilitator: Christa
Aug 11 – facilitator: Katrina
Sep 8 – facilitator: Michael
Oct 13 – facilitator: Molly
Nov 10 – facilitator: Rebecca
Dec 8 – facilitator: Vanessa

photo of a slice of blueberry cream cheese pie! mmm!


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    1. That’s awesome Christa! I think you, and then Katrina in February, can really run with these any way you like. I don’t think the format needs to be consistent from month to month. In fact it might be refreshing if different facilitators try different things. One thing I would encourage you to try, is to take a few minutes to present your own work and get a little feedback. Of course we can do a post here on .Re/search anytime and get comments from others, but as we’ve seen, it’s really hard to say more than a few words about SIX different projects in ONE hour! So perhaps the facilitator’s work could be featured for a bit during that day. Or by “work” I guess I really mean anything you want feedback on: so it might be a project, but it could also be some brainstorming on career decisions or anything else. And then whatever else you’d like to have us talk about that hour. Happy Holidays! SEE you in January!

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