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Medici University: A fond farewell

By Myra Wilmist and Art Oluja Medici University is closing, but its legacy...

The Painting on The Wall – Storyboard Finale

The neighbors are always peeking across each others lawns, comparing shades of green and looking for new gossip to fill their day with. Some of them just cant find anything better to preoccupy themselves with. Especially that airhead Mariah next door who’s always pretending she can’t see me from her kitchen while she’s waiting for her muffins to bake.

Lucia Ventures Out From Slepford

part one Weeks and months had passed. The weather was hot and humid which...

Waiting For You

Waiting For You by Elle Thorkveld You’re driving down a dirt...

Ziki Questi and the Turing Test

If you apply the same subjective criteria of the Turing Test to virtual photography, you could reasonably say it has already passed its own Imitation Game. Unless the interviewer is highly skilled with a detailed knowledge of the difference between digital and virtual photography, it isn’t possible for most of us to distinguish a well-composed, realistic virtual photograph from a real life photograph.

Story for Final Storyboard by RMarie Beedit

These past 4 years on his birthday, she’s found herself at the coffee...

Estelle’s Solution

Estelle slapped her hand at the stinging on her damp neck. The humidity was awful and while the screen doors in the farmhouse were good, what with all the coming and going, some tiny, flying insects were bound to get in.

My ABC’s or how I became a better artist A to Z

So let me start by saying I’m not much of a writer. Thankfully...

Mom’s Memories About the Storm of ’43 by Veyot

Do you remember that big storm of “43?  I had just come back from...

Storyboards Finale: MU Collaboration – By Pearl Grey and Art Oluja

  Pearl Grey and I have enjoyed collaborating to bring you the next...

Man, Woman and Dog Story Board Collaboration

Oona, Elle, Paypabak, Veyot & Neeva write stories inspired by a new series of images from Pearl Grey.

Lucia and the Slepford Zombies

Lucia angrily stubbed out her cigarette. She reapplied her lipstick carefully. She didn’t really like the shade but no one could be too damned picky these days, not unless they were one of the wealthy, powerful bastards that lived in the pod stations several miles above the earth.

BAOC Award of the Week Recipient: Myra

The BAOC award is a way for fellow students to say, I see what you’re doing and I appreciate your work.  Sort of a virtual hug to pass on. And this week, I’d like to hug Myra.

Oona’s cry for help.

MU is incredibly important to be. Why? Because I didn’t consider myself an artist before I came to MU. Now, I do. That’s an amazing thing. It might sound a bit histrionic, but it’s true: MU has made me an artist.

Long Distance Relationship, a photo essay

A meditation in photos on Long Distance Relationships from Feels Empty.

“Margaret and Me” – A Poem by Pearl

Oh my darling brother. I don’t want to stay. I don’t want to go. Here...

MU / Creativity Authors (your name could be here too!)

headshot of Art Oluja in selenium tone

Art Oluja


I admire creative processes, appreciate optical illusions, respect others' opinions, and love to learn.

Astrid Rimbaud

Astrid Rimbaud

Associate Editor

Associate Editor, MU/Stories. Proprietor of La Poème, Medici University's Poetry Cafe & Jazz Club. I like to write, make art, and play the spoons.

Myra WIldmist

Myra Wildmist

Contributing Editor

DJ at KATYPERRYOPOLIS! Sunday nights 10p - midnight SLT. MU/Creativity Contributing Editor. Visit my installation at MU-Tullia-12.

Ryan Medici


Sometimes mistakes are better than getting it "right." The "right way" is the way it's been done before. Mistakes can be the key to new insights, new ideas, new creativity, and new solutions.

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headshot of Veyot



I go sightseeing on Secondlife, and take snapshots to match poems that I like. I operate MU Travel, the Medici University travel agency. I make machinima. And I'm happy to also be able to join the great team of authors here at MU/Creativity!

Neeva Torok


Open-minded and curious. Likes to meet people. Full of mischief and fun. Interested in all things SL and the souls who inhabit this bizzare, beautiful, maddening place.

Pearl Grey

Pearl Grey


I've grown as a blogger, photographer, and as a human being with the assistance of Pearl’s virtual life. And I've had some fun. I'm spending almost all my time through June at Medici University at LEA 23. My studio is Vashti-4.

Feels Empty

Feels Empty


New media artist & writer with an interest in theories of human subjectivity. Email me for CV and list of works.

Colour headshot of author Oona Nostra

Oona Nostra


Friend, lover, sometimes troublemaker, architect, art lover, flirt, writer, dancer, athlete, music nerd, experimenter, moody, cheery, wanderer, pessimistic optimist with bunny ears.

diptych of Isabella Medici circa 1560 and 2014

Isabella Medici


I'm passionate about healthy, cruelty free, sustainable living. I don't support patriarchal culture, the military industrial complex, or the slaughtering of animals. I do support educational experiences and careers that don't involve hours, requirements, or offices, but that instead are based on achievements.