Author Anthea Sharp’s Sunday Class

Can someone help me get author Anthea Sharp’s Class on the Calendar?

Who:  Fantasy author Anthea Sharp

What: Talking with MU students and interested persons about writing craft, publishing, and her Feyland books.

Where:  Colaboraopolis at Medici University

When:  This coming Sunday, March 29, at 12:00-1:00 PM SLT

Why you might be interested:  She hit the USA today best seller book publishing her writing digitally through Amazon, Apple and others.   Her fantasy books have a strong virtual-reality theme.  She’s a fantastic writer and very engaging.  She is really open to questions by writers of every level.  She knows your favorite author.  Free stuff: the first book in her series.  Also…Snacks!

RL universities have best-selling authors come to campus. . .

Anthea Sharp

This Sunday at 12 SLT

…why can’t we?