Excerpts from our first crit at MU Gallery

Thanks to all who came today as well as those who submitted works to exhibit!


Please send your art to Myra to give all an opportunity to look at and discuss your work.

Things discussed about the Gallery space today:

“How do you think the ability to cam around changes the function of a gallery space?”

“Are there different conventions of seeing in Second Life?”

“The paintings here are not arranged at any standard level, but that doesn’t matter.”

2Elle manipulated a painting created with Alchemy and glitched with notepad. Elle said she is making progress figuring out how to animate with Alchemy.

“Sometimes in SL I find spaces too tight to cam around in- frustrating then”

“I think in someways we do what we do in RL — but our abilities are expanded is all”

“I probably cam around the same way i walk around in a gallery”

“It is similar maybe to the difference between theater and film”

1Nebulousus’s posters based on Slaughterhouse-Five

“Poseballls are the emojis of second life”

“I was wondering what it would look like with no walls. Do we need separation from the outside if we can cam in on the art?”

“I like that there are both perspectives”

“With no walls and even with transparent walls you have less of an isolated space to view the work. The environment competes with the art for one’s eye and attention – but at the same time, perhaps that is an interesting challenge — to provide art more interesting than the scenery behind it.”

“I like how it’s transparent on the outside, to give people a glimpse of what’s inside.”

vaporwaveWe had a discussion of Michael’s Vaporwave graphics and ‘disposable’ aesthetics in net art
(aesthetics based on transient imagery in social media e.g emojis)


“Is a virtual Gallery spaces are more or less egalitarian?”

“What is the difference between look at art on a webpage and in a virtual Gallery?”