Big Avatar on Campus Week #4

The theme of this week for me has been to think outside the box a little more.. brain tingling conversations on MU, music that makes you drop everything and take it in, and prims.. wild wild prims doing what they do best. Inspire.

Well, I wanted to pass the BAOC trophy to someone I’d met recently, and quickly realized that everyone I’ve recently met at MU is pretty darn amazing. But in the context of playful imagination and bursts of awesome synesthetic madness, I knew the BAOC was destined to go to…..

glitchy drumrolls please


That’s right, cardboard boxes can inspire you to think out of the box.. and tiny avatars can be Big Avatars on Campus.. Cant wait to see how the trophy evolves every week, thats the funnest part!


Weeks 1,2,3 of BAOC evolving..



BAOC week 4, the trophy gets a burst of MU madness!

P.S. I did something wacky to the perms.. promise I’ll get that fixed asap so you can carry on the metamorphosis Feels!