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  • Rebecca Narum 08:43 on 22/04/2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Hello all I haven’t been extremely present on… 

    Hello all!

    I haven’t been extremely present on the website, so some of you may not know or recognize me. But I met Vanessa through the online NovoEd course, “Performance Based Research” and she invited me to join the group as the class came to a close. Life has been a bit hectic and full of a lot of soul searching in the past months as I am trying to decide what my next step. But, as things are becoming more clear, and as I am heading into more of the action stage of my ‘project’ rather than the processing stage I reached out to Vanessa looking for some input on how to make it happen. She recommended I post something on .Re/act to see if any of you had ideas.
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    • Vanessa Blaylock 18:14 on 05/05/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Rebecca! We’ve put you on the agenda for the Hangout on Monday 12 May! Hopefully our bunch of smart berries can help brainstorm some helpful ideas! I’m so excited about your new program – best wishes!!

  • Vanessa 12:39 on 19/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

    Tera: virtual world field trip 

    5 avatars sit in a (monster encircled) pastoral clearing in the MMORPG of Tera

    Irony.Lee, Ravanel, Hazelaartje, Skygirl.Kline & Ulaval (me) during today’s field trip to the virtual world of Tera

    Field trip to the Virtual World of Tera today. I was very clueless. But it was a very fun space. And nice to go discover it with a group of friends.

  • Edie 18:56 on 18/04/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Andy Warhol MOOC 

    Edie Sedgwick

    Of my brief 28 years of life only 1 of them was spent with Andy Warhol. But it was a great time. The highs were so high. Yes, the lows were very, very low. More of my stories on another occasion. But I’m excited that Glyn Davis is teaching a 5-week MOOC on Andy starting Monday. I really want to think through my own small time in Andy’s world again. And also to think about his career before and after my time. And yes, about my own troubled life during those days. Sorry if I’m being too EMO, but do consider joining us. It should be a nice time rethinking that strange man who saw the world with such a unique clarity.


  • Vanessa 13:39 on 16/04/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    ## EZTV Talk by Andrea Foreander EZTV’s co… 

    EZTV Talk by Andrea Foreander

    EZTV’s co-hosting a young scholar from the U.K. who’s been creating and Anthology on Computer Art & researching EZTV’s history.

    Google hangout:
    Wed 6-8 California time

    * Andrea Foreander / 18th Street Events
    * Andrea Foreander / An Essex Girls Guide to the Universe

    • Vanessa Blaylock 09:49 on 17/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Andrea’s talk was very Interesting! Unfortunately the audio was pretty hard to hear: I think it might have been a combination of speakers not being that close to the microphone in a boomy room, multiplied by massive Google Hangout audio compression & audio artifacts. When it’s a “broadcast” more than a “Hangout / Chat” maybe we should try something like Ustream and see if it’s any clearer / less compressed. For some reason, perhaps mic proximity or vocal characteristics, whenever Michael spoke he was the 1 person that way crystal clear! 😀

      I’m dashing out of the studio ATM, but here’s 3 interesting points Michael raised, and I’ll comment about them later in the day:

      1. Siggraph as “trade show”
      2. Archival issues in new media
      3. Who transcends new media to become historically important

      Thanks so much for streaming Andrea’s talk!

  • Vanessa 17:50 on 14/04/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Fly By VR Cast Dear Moni Trilby Mireille… 

    Fly-By VR Cast:

    Dear Moni, Trilby, Mireille & Aeon! aka “Owen’s Band!”

    There’s a new Mixed Reality project brewing and I thought I’d turn first to “The Band” to see about your interest / availability.
    (More …)

    • Mireille Jenvieve-Woodford 09:12 on 15/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

      This sounds like fun! Thank you for the note, Vanessa. The timing seems good for me, and I look forward to learning more.
      Happy SPRING!

  • Vanessa 17:31 on 14/04/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Art History In today’s Mixed Berry Shake tx… 

    (Art) History

    In today’s Mixed Berry Shake (tx 4 great name Ciara! 🙂 Kate expressed the concern that students in this new media age are so focused on new tools / toys and how they can gain an audience with them that they don’t care to / have time to, appreciate the history of their own medium.
    (More …)

    • Mike 00:30 on 15/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

      I am indifferent to colorisation, but B&W = Irrelevant is ignorant. Grapes of Wrath is what it is because of the use of light and dark. Manhattan would blur into <Annie Hall 2 were it not made in B&W. Dr Strangelove stands out from the pretenders.
      Limitations of a medium is one of the impulses to create art through imagination. The best reason to colorise is to keep interpolators away from evaluating pharmaceutical trials.

  • Vanessa 07:45 on 14/04/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    ## Mixed Berry Shake Here’s today’s agenda 1… 

    Mixed Berry Shake

    Here’s today’s agenda:

    1. Hello & catch up from everyone
    2. Kate Johnson – interests, ideas, current projects
    3. Hugh Mcelveen – interests, ideas, current projects
    4. Updates from Michael, Xta, Rebecca, Van
    5. Discuss LACMA Art+Technology Grants / Residencies
    6. What else?
    7. Ideas for May’s Shake

    * LACMA Grants
    * Mixed Berry Shake 2014 schedule
    * Van’s new Avatar Alphabet

    Add any other links / ideas in the comments!

    • Ciara 08:09 on 14/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Sounds delicious 😉 Thank you for the invitation to hangout. I’m really sorry that I can’t join in today. I hope you have a good meeting and I look forward to hearing how things go.

      • xtaforster 08:18 on 14/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

        Ahhh, Ciara, I was looking forward to your being there today. I hope you are able to join soon!

    • Rebecca 10:30 on 14/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi all! Links here to my very early google hangout experiments for the performance (http://foolsfury.org/fury/) that’s happening this weekend. The piece is called “The Seeing Place” and is a meditation on Antigone. For this round, we hadn’t created aliases and were all using our own google accounts, so sadly there are no character names attached.


      Is an example of a scripted scene; text is from Brecht’s Antigone interspersed with an interview of a contemporary U.S. soldier serving in Iraq. The idea here was to replace my big old headshot with footage (sans audio) of the Creon character giving his edict prohibiting the burial of Polynices.

      Creon Haemon 1-1

      and 2-1

      were both attempts at overlapping texts spontaneously… made very difficult by the audio & video delay on our various internet connections. These also include two observers: one listening in at a local Starbucks, and another roaming the main branch at the SF Public Library. We were interested in what the effect of non-verbal participants would be.

      The plan for the performance is to have one (very different) Google hangout that’s prerecorded as one of the scenes in the show, and another live hangout where audience members can see the Antigone character leave the theatre under guard. I will post a link to that Hangout-On-Air! Thanks Vanessa for that excellent suggestion.

      That’s very little context for you, but any thoughts or questions are welcome!

  • Sello Tape 14:44 on 02/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

    I made a giraffe! 

    giraffe made of sellotape

    I’m the king of the world!

  • Ciara Finnegan 09:54 on 01/04/2014 Permalink | Reply  

    On A Roll 

    So, I began composing this inquiry in my head earlier today:

    Has anyone seen Sellotape lately?

    Sellotape,  Sellotape, where are you? Are you stuck somewhere? You were so mighty in your  window-securing-effort during the Blitz, it looks like The Knight could do with your expert help sealing up a few palatial windows right now. (What he lacks in quick-wittedness he makes up for in earnestness!).
    And then, this evening I discovered that Sellotape is squandering her time and talents in these acts!!:
    Yikes!!!! Can somebody please point out the merit in this madness?
    • Sello Tape 11:29 on 02/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

      I live a rich, full life. Sometimes I help protect a care package for a loved one thousands of kilometers away. Sometimes I engage in some harmless fun. I embrace all of it. I apologize for none of it.

      • Ciara 11:55 on 02/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

        Good to see you again, Sellotape, you wacky little adhesive! 🙂

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