Hello I read some poems at Isabella’s salon…

Hello! I read some poems at Isabella’s salon the other night and she asked me to share something here. I think To Ochino was her favorite. It is a poem to “religious reformer” Bernardo Ochino. He’s been preaching for the abolition of Carnivale! Isabella and I both believe this is such a wonderful event and we are shocked that he wants to take it away.

To Ochino

Bernardo, it should be enough for you,
With that sweet speech infused in you by Nature,
To light our hearts to high eternal works,
Here where the King of Rivers flows most clearly.
Since your own inner wishes are sincere,
And your own life reflects a pure intent,
You’re rather an inhabitant of heaven.
As to these masquerades, dances, and music,
Sanctioned by time and by the ancient customs –
Why do you now forbid them in your sermons?
Holiness it is not, but arrogance
To take away free will, the highest gift
Which God bestowed on us from the beginning.