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Cyn Sweetwater

Cyn Sweetwater

Cyn Sweetwater came by Medici University (LEA23) yesterday. She was actually sitting at the drafting table in Chaplain Beedit’s office, but in one of those inspired viewer anomalies I saw her trapped inside a cylinder at the bottom of the ocean. Banality meets Houdini at Zero Ten. Only through the metaexchange of images snapped and posted to the web were we able to show to each other than we shared the same sim, but were perceiving it, and our superposition, differently.

Anyway, we talked for a while. She’s thinking of opening an Abstract Expressionist Scone Shop set to German Industrial Music on campus. While we chatted I shot a little video of her. Then I got sidetracked on my way to the German Industrial section, and wound up with this great track “La Flor” from Coffee Europe (featuring Mystro on Music & Suki on Vocals)

BTW: Please don’t confuse our new friend Cyn Sweet-water with our existing MU Learner and Facilitator of the MU Life Drawing Studio, Cynn Black-rain!

2 avatars in conversation: one sitting at a drafting table and surrounded by scattered papers, and the other sitting on a nearby sofa.
Cyn Sweetwater & Izzy Medici sitting at Chaplain Beedit’s office.

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