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A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me

On earth plants absorb sunlight and transform it into food for animals. In New York City Andy Warhol absorbed humanity and culture and transformed them into new artworks. Probably no artist in history ever collaborated and interacted more. A generation after The Silver Factory he was interacting with young artists like Francesco Clemente, Keith Haring & Jean-Michel Basquiat. A generation after his near-fatal shooting, when you or I might have used his fortune to hire a fleet of bodyguards or buy a private island, Andy did neither, instead he continued to live in New York, to walk the streets every day, and to make volumes of new work.

All this cultural ciphering he managed without The Internet, The Web, or the Mobile that we take for granted today. Certainly he would have embraced all these media and used them in innovative ways the rest of us can’t imagine.

Reminiscent of Andy’s great interactivity, Warhol MOOC instructor Glyn Davis had an almost unprecedented presence and interaction within the MOOC Forums at Coursera. Outside the walls of Coursera, he tweeted updates about the course and all things Andy. Here’s a sample…

screen cap of WarholMOOC twitter home page
Glyn Davis, @WarholMOOC’s twitter

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