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Man, Woman and Dog Story Board Collaboration

Man, Woman and Dog Story Board Collaboration


Story by Oona:

pic 1

As Kip watches the screen, images of a bloodied floor and a heavily ransacked apartment come into view.

KIP: When was this?

OSWALD: 6 hours ago m’aam.

pic 2

Kip types up a letter and hands it to Oswald.

KIP: They made promises.

OSWALD: I know m’aam.

pic 3

KIP: Is there any intel on where…

OSWALD: No m’aam, there was nothing. What should I tell The Boss?

pic 4

KIP: Tell him nothing, just give him this.

She hands him the letter in the unsealed envelope and walks off. Oswald removes it.

“You know the agreement. If he’s dead, there will be no where you can hide that I won’t find you. You shouldn’t have broken the rules. You know I never lose.”

by Oona

Story by Elle:

Like Life

Pic 1

Watching this movie with you
But it is blurry – like life
Even the dog
does not understand

Pic 2

I’ll write about it – anyway
through the unclarity
The dog
remains faithful

Pic 3

Let us contemplate
Fuzzy film
and typewritten words
in silence

Pic 4

We are still confused
by it all
The dog
has gone outdoors
to play

by Elle

Story by Paypabak Writer:

They stumbled upon the ruined home while walking their dog, Chester. The All Clear warnings had been sounded and so they needed to get out and see what the bombs had done. In one room, they found an old desk with a typewriter, a round box that had once held chocolates, and an empty bottle of champagne. Chester sniffed around as Sarah sat at the desk and looked at the unfinished page of text.

“What have we got here?” Reginald asked.

“A letter,” Sarah replied. “Shall I read it to you?”

“Not sure if it’s any of our–”

“Dear Elizabeth–” she began.

“Goodness, could that be the Bryces’ daughter?”

He looked around nodding in recognition despite the lack of any other personal items on the walls. The location of the house suddenly made itself apparent amid the widespread wreckage of the neighborhood.

“We hope all is well with you. We are so glad you chose to travel to the United States to continue your education. The War–whomever typed this capitalized the word ‘war’–”

Reginald looked at the label on the bottle and smirked.

“The War has reached out to our district and we are making ready to move to the country. I look out the window and the restaurant, Dolores, has closed due to the blackouts. It’s too sad for words.”

“Hmmf. Nice to be able to move out to the country and avoid the bombs.”

“Oh, look,” Sarah spoke, looking away from the letter, “It’s beginning to snow.”

by Paypabak Writer

Story by Veyot:

“Look, honey, I found these vacation movies in the closet!”
“Oh, I enjoyed that visit with Aunt Lucie so much! I should write to her and see how she is doing.

Clara immediately starts typing a letter to Aunt Lucie. “It’s about time she came to visit us, don’t you think?”
“Yes,” replies Charles. “Tell her to come over on Sunday.’

On Sunday they wait at the door, and Aunt Lucie arrives , driven by her chaffeuer Tim. When Tim opens the door, out jumps Lucie’s new puppy, Blinkie. “Whoof!!, barks Laddy, and he rushes out to play with the puppy.

by Veyot

Story by Neeva Torok:

“Let me show you my movie” he said, fiddling with the projector. “It’s about a dog.”

But she could see only a swirl of light against the screen.

“Is this all?”

He shrugged apologetically. “I had no script”

“That can be remedied,” she said. (She was a practical woman). “I’ll just sit right here and type you one. You said it was about a dog?”

“Yes, it’s about a dog”

She clacked for awhile on the keys of the ancient typewriter. The script began to take shape. It was the story of a man, a woman, and a peculiar, overstuffed chair. It was the story of stairs that defied gravity and lead to the unknown. It was the story of a chandelier of cut crystal that forever danced its light across a dusty floor.

“Thank you,” he said at last when she had finished and they were standing together at a respectful and chaste distance. “Thank you, But it was supposed to be about a dog.”

by Neeva Torok

Photos by Pearl Grey


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