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Creativity next door: Nsane Darkfold

Creativity next door: Nsane Darkfold

Music-loving-gallery-primming-stencil-popping MU learner Nsane Darkfold has been around SL long enough to know it wasn’t always easy finding what you want, and sometimes you had to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. Fast forward a few rezdays, now he’s at MU telling us a little about his creativity:

Explain your art style and creative process?
I’d say my current work is sort of a graffiti meets pop art, although other people would just call it stencil art. I do portraits usually with just white and black and whatever color I choose for the background. I usually select a background color that relates to what I think of the person or thing, or the emotion I draw from it.

My work that you see in SL is the digital stage of my RL work. When I come up with an idea for a painting I have to process the image digitally to make the stencil.

Over time I’ve developed a habit of creating the stencil digitally and putting colored background layer in order to show commission clients an idea of what their finished painting would look like. So what I would be left with is basically a digital version of the painting I’m about to create, which is what I upload to SL. After that, I transfer the image to poster board and get to work on the RL version.

Nsane's Studio at MU

The significance of black/white contrast to you?
Well that goes back to several things. I believe that for every bit of shadow there is light and for every bit of good there is bad and the opposite. So when it came down to developing my technique I decided anything that I couldn’t show with just the lightest and the darkest of colors wasn’t important.

Yep I’m a DJ here at Medici University’s own KPO!
MU activities that have caught your attention?
Although I can’t remember their names off the top of my head there are a few people here who have impressed me with the work they have here, most of them being SL photographers. Most of the things I like about their work is the high level of detail that they seem to capture.

You have a YouTube channel?
You can watch the real life versions of my work come to life Right Here.


Opportunities knocking at your door?
Soon the project I’ve devoted quite a bit of my time recently to, meaning my gallery, will be open. When it is, there will be an opening reception and I highly encourage and welcome all the readers to come and check out the artwork and meet everyone. Hopefully it will be a big success.

Check out Nsane Darkfold’s studio at Nostradamus 2 (keep walking Northeast, where George Clooney is most heavily intoxicating the water), or catch him at a KPO event.



  1. Thanks for the great feature on NSANE. He is one of the first people I met At MU, and is definitely one of the personalities that brings the campus alive. Ttrespass up all the layers of his studio, check out his distinctive work and enjoy the comfy hang-out on top. Nostradamus 2.

    Neeva Torok

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