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Situating Practice

Situating Practice

Our Week 3 Guest Artist, and course TA, Ryan Tacata asked us to reflect on spaces and places. To locate a physical site for your practice / research, be it studio, desk, or something else, and stand or sit in this space for 30 mins. Slow your mind and be present in the space. I chose VBCO Villa, which was a space I built for a performance work a while back, and has since become my studio space. It has a lot of water and a lot of open air space. I enjoy being there and working there. I recorded a few minutes of video of my meditation.

Practice Based Research – Wk 3 – Sense of Space

ACTIVITY: spend 30 minutes in a space and slow the traffic of your mind.

MUSIC: The Fish in the Deep Soup by frompast0
SPOKEN WORD: The Fish in the Deep Sea Water Probably Gives Out a Deep Sigh by yamamiya
Featuring Riyu Konata
Words by Bun Onoe

Creative Commons Non-Commercial

a group of senior citizen avatars stand on a mosaic in a pool at a Roman villa
VB28 – The Seniors Project
Vanessa Blaylock floating in the water at VBCO VIlla at sunset
Slowing the traffic in my mind

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