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Writer’s Lounge at Tullia!

Writer’s Lounge at Tullia!

I’m pleased to announce that Medici University has opened a Writer’s Lounge on campus at Tullia-4 & Tullia-12-3/4! Whether you’re in the Creative Writing Department or any other campus department, you’re welcome to come visit, hang out, converse, and rez what you like here. Perhaps a media-on-a-prim where visitors can sample your creative writing! Art will be adding the Writer’s Lounge Dome very soon, but the lounge is Open Now!

wide view of the writer's lounge featuring chairs, a fireplace, seating cushions, and signage
Medici University Writer’s Lounge at Tullia-4 & Tullia 12-3/4

Tullia d’Aragona

Of course every neighborhood at MU is magical, but for all the “Maria vs Nostra” trash talking we’ve heard it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate Tullia. In addition to wonderful artists, Tullia is home to 3 of MU’s most beloved facilities:

portrait of a Tullia d'Aragona as a reclining nude, 1600
Liegender weiblicher Akt (Tullia d’Aragona) Joseph Heintz the Elder, 1600
  • Writer’s Lounge
  • Life Drawing Studio

The Medici University Tullia neighborhood was named after Tullia d’Aragona (c. 1510–1556) a poet in my father’s court in Florence. When I was just 5 years old Tullia composed Dialogues on the Infinity of Love (1547), a Neo-Platonist assertion of women’s sexual and emotional autonomy within exchanges of romantic love. Who could possibly be a better patron saint for the MU Writer’s Lounge than a poet and thinker as remarkable as Tullia d’Aragona!

The Studios at Tullia

Tullia d'Aragona, portrayed as Salome L'Erodiade by Moretto da Brescia, 1537
Tullia d’Aragona, portrayed as Salome L’Erodiade by Moretto da Brescia, 1537

Tullia 1 – Astrid Rimbaud, Creative Writing
Tullia 2 – Studio Available!
Tullia 3 – Alexandre Lois, Music
Tullia 4 – Writer’s Lounge
Tullia 5 – studio eminent domain’d by MU Dept of Public Roads & Public Access
Tullia 6 – KATYPERRYOPOLIS! GM: Myra Wildmist
Tullia 7 – Uleria Caramel, Painting & Drawing
Tullia 8 – Fray Jigsaw, Neurosurgery
Tullia 9 – Life Drawing Studio, Facilitator: Jade Ravenheart
Tullia 10 – Sollox, Felicia Day School of Management
Tullia 11 – Artistik Oluja, Media Archaeology
Tullia 12 – Myra Wildmist, Photographic Arts
Tullia 12-1/2 – Ariel 1101, World Design
Tullia 12-3/4 – Writer’s Lounge
Tullia 13 – Aurora (VestaAurora) Creative Writing
Tullia 14 – Elle Thorkveld, Interdisciplinary Art

Studios at Medici University

For a complete list of studios in all the Medici University neighborhoods: Aurelia, Camilla, Maria, Nostradamus, Tullia, Vashti & Eleonora Slough:

About Tullia d’Aragona

cover of translated text
Dialog on the Infinity of Love, Tullia d’Aragona, 1547

Image: Tullia d’Aragona, as Salome L’Erodiade / Moretto da Brescia, 1537
Image: Liegender weiblicher Akt (Tullia d’Aragona) / Joseph Heintz the Elder, 1600
Image: Dialog on the Infinity of Love / University of Chicago Press

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