What’s on [My] Mind? — Transmedia Performance

  On March 12, 2014, I premiere a major part of the performance project I’ve been working on for the past year — What’s on [My] Mind?  What’s on [My] Mind? is a transmedia performance. Working in multiple mediums — monologues, music, social media, virtual worlds, and blogs —I explore how …

FutureED Week 5

This week we look at Pedagogy & Assessment with particular emphasis on digital Badges as tools to support & document learning and make it portable. Unlike a line in a resume that leaves the content at the university, a badge carries the content with the student.

FutureED – Week 3

For me the day it all changed was 6 August 1991 when Tim Berners-Lee posted the 1st web page. Course instructor Cathy N. Davidson seems paradoxically uninterested in Berners-Lee’s insight and prefers to focus on 22 April 1993, the day the Mosaic web browser was released. Either way, for about 22 years the world has been a different place, and we’re taking this course today to think about how education can catch up.

History & Future of (Mostly) Higher Education

I’m taking a MOOC from educational visionary Cathy N. Davidson, former Duke University Vice-Provost and co-founder of HASTAC. Wk 1: 4 Information Ages: Writing,
Moveable Type, Mass Printing, Internet. Wk 2: Industrial Revolution & education as we know it today.

Facilitating Alternate Identities

So there I was minding my own, royal, business, when that impertinent woman Ysidora Pico (who’s still bitter about losing her land [try losing your life]) says to me, Izzy, why don’t you stop writing unsigned love letters to your boyfriend Troilo Orsini who will have his butt on a …