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MU is Student-driven

Medici University is a student-driven, non-accredited, graduate arts university. There are no fees of any kind. We empower you to write your own curriculum, take charge of your own learning, and achieve advanced qualifications debt-free.

Guiding Principles

  • No RequirementsAt Medici University your program never comes down from above like tablets off a mountain. At MU the student is the ultimate judge of what their graduate program will and will not include. It’s not about our vision, it’s about helping you realize your vision.
  • No HoopsSome people prefer the technical term “bullshit.” Whatever you call it, bureaucratic organizations tend to spend a lot of time telling you what to go do with your graduate experience. At Medici University we’re here to get out of the way. We’re here to empower you to create an alternative, deeply personalized program that gives your real and valuable experience on the way to the life you want to live.
  • No DebtBrick & mortar Universities saddle you with about USD 30,000 of debt / year of grad school. Sprawling campuses are expensive. Security. Landscaping. Faculty. Staff. At Medici University we eliminate almost all of it. We don’t charge fees because we don’t provide a behemoth infrastructure that you don’t need. Our job is to get out of your way, and keep you out of debt.

MU Initiatives

MU Publications

MU Institutional Units

  • Cafe Sophistry
  • Gallery Xue

ScreenCap of NovoED Team page for "Blueberry Blintz"
The “Old” NovoED Team Home page as it was on 9 Dec ’13 and earlier.

Practice Based Research in the Arts

Practice Based.Re/search in the Arts (“PBR” for short) originated in October 2013 as a group of colleagues in 2 MOOCs:

  • Creating Site-Specific Dance and Performance Works
  • Practice Based Research in the Arts

The 1st 7 members, aka Team Blueberry Blintz: Christa Forster, Katrina Schaag, Michael Masucci, Misha Penton, Molly Ross, Rebecca Longworth and Vanessa Blaylock, were quickly joined by other teammates from both MOOCs.

After the completion of these 2 inspiring MOOCs’ 5 and 10 week sessions, we expanded the conversation here to include other artists interested in engaging in discussions of their artistic practice. The 1st year was led by Vanessa Blaylock. The 2nd year was led by Christa Forster.

You can find all PBR Posts here:

For posts within individual PBR Programs, scroll to the bottom of this page for a complete listing of links for all MU Departments & Programs.

Dancers in a courtyard
Backhaus Dance Company

MOOC Magazine

Editors: Edie Sedgwick & Isabella Medici

Destroyed my people are
Destroyed for lack of knowledge

— Gordon Gano

Isabella was born in Florence in 1542; Edie was born in Santa Barbara 401 years later in 1943. We were both born rich. Privileged. Even so, as for so many others across time and place, life was not always kind to us.

We’ve come to believe that the most empowering thing is knowledge. Knowledge feeds people. Knowledge brings better lives. Knowledge brings equality. What you might call evil, we call ignorance.

We’ve teamed up to create the MU Publication MOOC Magazine. MOOC Magazine is a place to share ideas and projects. A place to share the text, video, performance and other works created in MOOC experiences.

You can find the content of our Warhol MOOC issue here:

Creatively Yours,

Isabella Medici, Baroncelli Villa, Florence
Edie Sedgwick, Corral de Quati, Santa Barbara

line drawing of Isabella Medici & Edie Sedgwick
Isabella Medici & Edie Sedgwick, Editors

surreal bird-like creature in front of a skeletal sky-city
Eupalinos Ugajin

MU Creativity

MU/Creativity is the journal of people and activities at Medici University.


  • Editor: Art Uloja
  • Contributors: Isabella Medici, Myra Wildmist, Neeva Torok, Ryan Medici, Veyot

For the complete content of MU Creativity, use this link:

For specific topics, scroll to the bottom of this page for a complete listing of links for all MU content.

Terms of Use

Medici University’s goal is to be an open courseware university. We intend for our course materials to be your materials. For anyone to be able to use, adapt, and share any MU course materials.

However, as the number of authors here has grown, and as the range of materials has grown to include not only courseware, but also individual creative works such as narrative stories, photographic and video works, and so on, we’ve settled on a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license as a nice compromise affording both flexibility for visitors interested in our work, and also preserving some rights for the individual authors. Each author retains, manages, and controls the copyright to their own work. Any author may choose a different license for their work simply by stating it with their post. When possible, it’s always best to contact the specific author whose work you are interested in working with. If that’s not possible, consult Medici University Faculty Senate President, Vanessa Blaylock: vanessa@blaylock.nl.

Creative Commons License
Medici University by

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is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://blaylock.nl/.

Non Profit

Medici University & its various units are non-profit and no-fee organizations. We have not, do not, and will not, receive any sort of financial gain from the work of any contributing author. Medici University’s policy is to never charge anybody for anything.


If you leave a comment, we will not publish your email address. If you subscribe your email will never be sold or traded or used for marketing in any way, it will only be used to send you occasional updates.

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      1. Oh hey Beverly! Yessy, it’s meeeee! I had a Twitter Resurrection on 4/20 the day before Glyn Davis’ Warhol MOOC started. I’ve been haunting the MOOC — mostly fun, but bittersweet, well, ok, often difficult! Gawd, I had a crappy life! But hey, it’s 2014! Who’s emo? Not meee!

        Anyway, I started a fun website:

        And then when I realized that all that Factory fun probably wasn’t sustainable (I’ve visited 42 parallel universes since my death 42 years ago, and Edie dies young in all of them! 🙁 So I decided that maybe there was a better way to go than Andy’s Industrial Factory, so I launched Edie’s Organic Farm:

        And now, as you SEEEEE, I’ve teamed up with Isabella Medici (she comes from even more money than my family!! 🙂 to launch this MOOC Magazine!

        Were you in the Warhol MOOC Beverly? I hope you’ll contribute your essay to MOOC Mag!

        How’s it with you??



    1. Edie! I’m obsessed with Andy Warhol, and yes I learned so much in the Coursera Warhol Univ of Edinburgh MOOC. My essay is now in peer review. I will share it gladly, but it is more about his life and how he expressed his desire to escape his many illnesses through his works. American Dream, American Disaster, American Mythology: Andy Warhol. Thanks for the response. You are beautiful!

      Beverly Kottwitz
      1. giggles, aww thanks Beverly! Do you go by Bev? or Beverly? (haha, I answer to almost anything, but I’m partial to “Hey Dweeb!”) I guess if you have to die young, you should at least be beautiful (blushes)

        Yes, your Warhol essay sounds fantastic. As you know it was a really informative “seminar” (better to me than the “lecture” format of so many MOOCs) I think I learned a lot (of course my brain was pretty fuzzy back in the day, so maybe I was “relearning”) It’s remarkable to think about how huge Andy has been, yet with so many people reading him “wrong” or at least reading less than the full depth of the work. If you want to send your essay over, you can email stuff to me at just.me@edie.pink

        1. Your Text
        2. Any images
        3. An author image
        4. An author bio (can be simple)
        5. Any links, like your blog or twitter or instagram, etc…

        LMK if you have any questions! I’m really excited to assemble this Warhol MOOC Magazine to sort of document & carry forward the experience we had here. I’ll be adding my own essay to the bunch also… which is here for now…

        xo Bev(erly)

        • Dweeb
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