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MU/Stories Welcome!

MU/Stories Welcome!

I rez therefore I am?? I think therefore I blog! Image taken at Milk Wood Writer’s Colony


Chances are, you’ve seen me around here, maybe even engaged me in a quick chat. If not, rest assured I have perved you from the rooftop of my studio at Tullia 1. See this as a more formal introduction.

But where my writers at?

Don’t get me wrong, I have been endlessly inspired by the ever- changing horizon of MU; the art galleries, the sculptures, the nudity. And even the MU/Creativity site, which is full of wonderfully written articles about our many artists and photographers along with images of their carefully crafted works.

The visual arts seem to take an unavoidable prominence at MU. Rezzing a 300 M tall neon green sculpture carries a much greater effect than placing a small, word-covered canvas or sharing a media link to your blog. Reading is a more personal and time consuming task than observing a statue. And should be presented in an equally intimate way.


Thus we bring MU/Stories, an idea brought to life to showcase the incredible writing of MU students. Consider it a campus literary journal, minus the high-brow, pseudo-intellectual attitude. We would love to feature your poetry, stories, memoirs, and excerpts. Heck, we’ll even take your favorite author quotes, blurbs, and reviews.

If you would like for your work to be featured, notecard it to me inworld, or better yet email me at astridrimbaud@gmail.com

Look forward to reading you 🙂



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