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University 101: About.me

University 101: About.me

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Oona, Stina & Isabella sitting on the deck at Oona's studio at Nostradamus:1


Medici University is all about empowering learners. Giving you choices. Taking your education, and your future, out of the hands of administrators and putting it into your own hands.

It’s your life!

This is great news. But it’s also a lot of responsibility!

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”] University 101 is a 6-week course where new MU Learners are guided through a number of steps to help you set up a program that is completely yours. [/box]

Your program probably should:

  1. Have goals that are measurable
  2. Have a timetable
  3. Be easy to work with
  4. Focus on Productivity & Activity over Stress or Guilt

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]

University 101

Facilitator: Isabella Medici
Format: Hybrid (F2F + Online)
Length: 6 Weeks
Meeting Times: TBA
Location: MU:Maria:14
Enrollment: to enroll, just add your name in the comments below

When you enroll, please add
• Your Studio#
• A URL to see your work (optional)[/box]

Is U-101 for me?

No one at MU is required to do anything. MU is all about fulfilling your goals your way. If U-101 seems unnecessary to your time at MU – no worries! – don’t take it! 😀

If you would like to focus your activities these next 4 months in pursuit of specific goals, then U-101 might be a great tool to articulate and facilitate achieving those goals.

Class schedule:

  1. Life Listdo now! 😀

  2. Curriculum – content available Friday 27 Feb / Discuss Monday 2 Mar

  3. Assessment – content available Monday 2 Mar / Discuss Monday 9 Mar

  4. Process & Documentation (blogging, etc) – content available Monday 9 Mar / Discuss Monday 16 Mar

  5. Collaboration, Social Production & Remix Culture – content available Monday 16 Mar / Discuss Monday 23 Mar

  6. Resources – content available Monday 23 Mar / Discuss Monday 30 Mar

  • Course Completion Certificates awarded Monday 30 Mar

Additional Resources

Your Responsibility

No one at MU is required to do anything. But we hope you’ll embrace the campus spirit and help build community here. It’s nice to have a free studio and maybe even have a job that lets you hang out at KATYPERRYOPOLIS! and get a few L$ in tips, but try not to let your time at MU be only focused on how much you can take. Try to make giving back a fundamental part of your experience. If all you want is a free crash pad for 4 months – great – you’ve got it! If you’d like to build creative relationships that will last long past 30 June, I’m convinced that giving back to MU and your peers is the key.

  1. Wander campus and see what’s up. If someone’s in, ask about their work, their goals, and their interests. If they’re out, just click on one of their prims and on the Edit > General tab click on Owner and then IM to say “Hi” and let them know you were by their studio.
  2. Bring friends by campus. If there’s an event, like a Dance at KATYPERRYOPOLIS! or Dance Anywhere (27 March) or Jane’s Walk (1, 2, 3 May) promote it with your friends and other groups.
  3. Whether it’s the campus as a whole or 1 other artist, always try to reach out and interact. Try to reach beyond your existing friends and talk to other MU Learners that you don’t already know.
  4. Post stuff online! On your Blog! Your Flickr! Your Facebook! Your Plurk! Wherever you hang out!

Chat Tools

Many of us love the easy interaction of in-world IM, and don’t want the bother of other platforms or having to be on the web outside of SL. We chat with whoever of our friends happen to be on when we’re on and that’s that. This is a great scenario for spending some chunk of leisure time hanging out in-world.

If you want to communicate with other Writers, Photographers, Public Artists, or whatever classmates are engaged in activities that interest you, only talking via in-world IM can be limiting. And trying to piece together a conversation from pieces of IM sent to email can be a confusing chore.

MU has 2 tools that make talking to each other a whole lot easier! Don’t feel any burden that you “have to” use all of these tools. But do know that they exist if they might seem helpful for you.

MU / Talk

This is our place to announce anything. To question and interact. To provoke. To wonder. To share.


This is like IM+Group Chat on steroids! It’s a platform with a clean and handy archive, live web links, embedded images and GDocs. You can chat person-2-person or with any group you like. All of MU. Just the Writers. Team Selfie. Script Tricks. You name it – make a chat channel for it.

  • To join: send your email address to Izzy.

Aerial view of Medici University campus on 21 February 2015


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