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Heya everyone. Now, finishing some work at the office, I found a bit of time to write and complete a task that Vanessa asked us…and of course it came to my mind this: “100% ” that a friend used to tell me, refering to my multiple activities: he said I never was 100% commited to anything, as I was always involved in many things, so nothing or no one could have the 100%… he was joking, but sometimes it is true 😛

I am an actress working with comedy and absurdism…I really like mixing language and using collage approaches in my work. There are some things that also show an ambiguos relationship with my professional life (theatre and communication). They are not away from each other, but not always are together…specially when one is office job and the other one is more shifty and sort of ramdomly produced…

I enjoy being with people, so my job, that is meant to be public relationships and inviting people to invest in beautiful dreams (Foundraising) is making me learn so much and combines nicely with my not always paid job: theatre.

I found relational art a very good approach to mixing these two sides and I will try to develop some idea with some exercises and artists. I loved Spatula and Barcode video, a lecture that some artists here shared in a Practice Based Research course.

I am only going to leave you an excerpt of a piece that I love to perform…also because it means a lot in my recent biography: it shows some bits of my London experience.

It was recorded with a tiny camera…but hope you like it:


Maricela Castellanos photography
Maricela Castellanos photography



  1. Wow Paulina, you have so much charisma and energy! The hand in the suitcase! I presume that’s completely scripted. Is it a piece you’ve performed multiple times? Lots of interesting quotations, like, “So here I am understanding performance art as a person under a chair.” Thanks for sharing your video with us. And…
    Welcome to .Re/search Paulina!

  2. oh oh, sorry, I just reread your text after watching, “a piece I love to perform” kk. Yes, you’ve got the absurdism going! Yes I think for a lot of people in PBR the Spatula and Barcode week was a really good week where we had fun and ideas came together.

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