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BAOC Award of the Week Recipient: Myra

BAOC Award of the Week Recipient: Myra


Last week I was approached on my real life birthday to be given the BAOC award.  I thought it was a mistake, since I still have the mentality I had when I got here, that I’m not really an artist.

But we are all artists.  Even those of us who say they aren’t.  Its a matter of discovery I think within yourself to find that creativity.

That being said, I’m honored to have been given the award, but I agree with Myra, it takes away from all of us being amazing.

So instead I like to think of it this way – the Big Avatar on Campus award is a way for fellow students to say, I see what you’re doing and I appreciate your work.  Its not a matter of I’m better than you, or you are better than me.  Its more of a virtual hug to pass on.

And this week, I’d like to hug Myra.

She doesn’t like awards per se that single out ppl I think and I agree.  However, she cares so much for the music program here and has discovered in herself a love of photography like myself, that we both came to realize because of Medici.

So this week’s BAOC I’m giving to the beautiful, loving, creative, kind hearted soul that is Myra Wildmist.  <3 u sweetie.




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  2. Great choice Oona! Congratulations Myra!

    You’ve done so much here, from writing for MU/Creativity, to bringing new learners in, to DJing at KPO, to photography and ASCII puzzles, and the list just goes on. Thanks for everything Myra! Congratulations!!!

  3. Oh, and on the idea of “Art Competition” that Myra wrote about in her recent post here, yes there are different perspectives on this, but for the BAOC – Big Avatar On Campus award, it wasn’t really even conceived as any sort of “Best” Art or “Best” Artist award at all. Rather the idea was to honor a big presence on campus. If you will sort of a cross between the huge campus presence of the old BMOC (Big Man On Campus) and the amazing global reach of BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) I sort of think of it as BMOC x BOAC = BAOC! Again the idea being who really brings light and life to this place. And if you look at the two of you, Oona and Myra, all the presence and energy you’ve both brought, you, and the previous winners, really are Big Avtars on this Campus! Not the only ones, but certainly wonderful ones!

  4. Thank, Oona and Izzy and Elle.

    Oona, thanks so much for all the sweet, wonderful words in this post. I can feel the love. That means so much to me. <3

    MU has been so important to me and I’ve grown so much and become an artist. That’s so awesome. And none of that would’ve happened without all the wonderful, kind, amazing people I’ve met at MU.

    Everything I do at MU I do because I love doing it. I love doing it because I love MU. I love MU because I love all of you.

    Thanks, everyone.


    Myra Wildmist
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