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Farm Co-op, an LEA AiR Round 9 Proposal

Farm Co-op, an LEA AiR Round 9 Proposal


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Second Life Name: Edie1943
Email Address: edies1943@gmail.com
I am applying for this grant as: Individual
Project Category: Educational Project / Community Art Cooperative
Project Name: Farm Co-op
Project Maturity Rating: M – Moderate

Aerial view of a VR SL 6.5 hectare region divided into 4 "activity" areas:  Interaction Zone, Fashion Island, Photo Studio & Gamer's Cove
A concept sketch for Farm Co-op

Project Summary

I’d like to create a Co-operative Art Farm. A set of 4 activity areas: Photo Studio, Gamer’s Cove, Fashion Island & Interaction Zone, where avatar artists can create, share, and collaborate. The 6-month residency will be split into two 10-week sessions with 3 weeks of farm prep before each session.

Project Description

Farm Co-op will divide the 6.5 hectares of an LEA Region into 4 activity “islands” of about 1 hectare each, with 2.5 hectares of interstitial waters between them. The 4 activity islands will be “Photo Studio” (2D Art), “Gamer’s Cove” (World Design), “Fashion Island” (Avatar Design, Fashion & Dance), and “Interaction Zone” (Machinima, Public Art & Performance Art). Avatar artists from across the entire range of SL residents will be encouraged to come participate and create. The only 2 requirements for participation will be to spend at least 1 hour / week on The Farm, and to agree that all work created or shown at Farm Co-op will use a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. The Farm will be an open space and we welcome having artists at neighboring sims.

Do you have experience with estate management? Yes

Your Résumé/CV


1965, Actor, The Factory, NYC
1966, Model, Vogue Magazine, NYC
2014, Chocolate Chef, The Cheesecake Factory, Ballard, CA
2014, Guest Blogger, StrawberrySingh.com


Isabella Medici and I are the co-editors of MOOC Magazine. I write for StrawberrySingh.com while she’s on vacation. My new videos are on Vimeo.

I’m 5’4″ (163cm), the same height as Britney Spears, Mozart, Björk, Tina Turner & Pink.

Current Exhibits / Documentation

I am currently facilitating “Self-Service Screen Tests” in a studio at Medici University at LEA23:

You can see some of the results here:

The project instructions are here:

Thank you for your consideration!


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