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Photography 66: Photo Lighting Workshop

Photography 66: Photo Lighting Workshop

Photo Lighting Workshop w Fanny on Saturday!

Photo 66 – Virtual Lighting

Many of us take photos and, no matter if they’re RL or VR, photography is always about light.

Photo 66 will focus on:

  • The different light sources existing in SL
  • how and when to use
  • how to build them ourselves

Photo 66 is a 2-hour workshop where MU Learners are guided through a number of photographic lighting activities.

photo of primitive objects with dramatic lighting
Photo 66: Fanny’s Lighting Workshop

Photo 66

  • Facilitator: Fanny Vermont
  • Format: F2F
  • Length: 2 hours
  • Meeting Times: Saturday 14 March, 10am – Noon SLT
  • Location: MU:Nostradamus:20
  • Enrollment: to enroll, just add your name in the comments below

When you enroll, please add:

  • Your Studio#
  • A URL to see your work (optional)

In addition to your interest, Photo 66 has some additional requirements:

  • your graphics card should be able to run Advanced Lighting Mode
  • you should be using the Firestorm viewer
  • you should know how to take a snapshot
  • you should know how to create a prim

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