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Poetry In Three Dimensions – Neeva Torok

Poetry In Three Dimensions – Neeva Torok

Words and Prims
Both lighter than ordinary
Both colored
Building blocks
They combine
With neighbors
Forming bridges
As easily as walls

Have you noticed
Delete key
Works the same
Word or prim

Have you noticed
No takebacks
Once given away

I want to be a poet in three
Lay down
Rows of wordprims
Watch them
Take flight
Scatter them
Birds into the Twilight

Neeva Torok April 27, 2015 @ Medici University, Second Life


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    1. Thanks Elle! I tried to make this a long, skinny, tower-like poem. My idea is to make it into a long, skinny prim tower, kinda wedding words and prims in one installation.

    1. Thanks so much! I imagine the poem starting at the bottom and reading line by line as you move up the monument. near the top the blocks start separating as if they wet taking flight, especially where the poem reads “scatter them/birds into the twilight.”

      I can visualize it as a video, the camera starting at the bottom, moving up slowly, line by line block by block, panning upwards so each line can be read. a narrator Voice reads each line as it comes into view.

  2. Beautiful work! I loved the analogies too, definitely one of my favourite “towers” of yours Neeva! And good job bringing that tower over to this other dimension of words too 😉

    1. Thanks so much Art! I really appreciate your comment. Glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was interesting to have parts of the poem only make sense in terms of SL. Like how the delete key works in the viewer, and how prims can be manipulated. The poem is the opposite of timeless. It celebrates this exact creative moment, this eyeblink in cosmic time that we are all sharing here in SL.

      In academia they are always talking about art that reflects the cultural identity of the artist or writer. Well, in many ways, inhabiting SL is like being in a culture. We have our own traditions, mode of dress, social norms, cultural artifacts, and Yesh, dialect. What kind of art and writing and images will arise from this culture?


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